A Visit from Yıldız from Ak Parti to Denizli Organized Industrial Zone

AK Party Denizli deputy Ahmet Yildiz, Denizli OIZ Regional Office visited our new private Denizli OIZ Technical College and received information about our new projects.

Denizli Deputy Chairman of the AK Party Denizli Chairman of the OIZ Board of Directors Necip Filiz, Denizli OSB Chairman of the Board M. Abdülkadir Uslu, Denizli OSB Board Member Osman Uğurlu, Private Denizli OIZ Technical College Manager Saadettin Dumlu and Regional Directorate staff welcomed .

At the meeting, we were informed about the Technical College which our Regional Directorate had privatized. Then, the Vocational Training Center, where the Organized Industrial Zone Directorate started its training this year, presented information on the Logistics Center, Type A Customs Warehouse Project, Railroads, transportation of employees and other infrastructure projects whose project was initiated within the framework of the protocol signed with State Railways.

Emphasizing that they will always support the projects in Denizli Organized Industrial Zone, Denizli Deputy Ahmet Yıldız said, Denizli I would like to thank you for the projects you have initiated on behalf of Denizli and our country. Denizli industry and therefore on behalf of our country will be your supporter in every project. Isi

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