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subway metro with metro cleanest metro always clean
subway metro with metro cleanest metro always clean

📩 30/01/2019 13:45

How are the subways used by more than 4 million passengers who make 800 thousand 2 flights a day are cleaned? Metro Istanbul, which has always adopted the principle of providing quality service to Istanbul residents with its fleet of 844 vehicles, carries out its cleaning activities with more than 100 cleaning officers for the passengers to travel in a healthy environment.

The question of how clean the public transport we use every day comes to mind. With the expiry of the expeditions at the metro Istanbul, the public transportation vehicles are prepared for the next day and one of these preparations is cleaning. At the end of the expeditions, all interior surfaces of the vehicles taken to the garage areas, the ceiling, the lower parts of the passenger seats, windows, billboards, passenger handles and handles, door tops, glass edges, all metal surfaces inside the vehicle are cleaned with perfumed and hygienic cleaning materials. After cleaning the floor is cleaned with special detergent and water for special cleaning. After the interior cleaning of the vehicle is passed through the external washing machines and routines are routinely done every day at the latest in the morning at the end of 05.00 vehicles are ready for morning service. In addition to the routine cleaning work carried out every day, hygienic cleaning is also carried out on a weekly basis with long-acting hygienic cleaning agents.

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