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He will know the third airport intravenously

The third airport will be recognized by the vein: Proline will provide the security of Istanbul New Airport. The entrance and exits at the airport will be controlled biometrically and the Turkish technology company Proline will provide the security of the Istanbul New Airport, which will be used for face recognition and vessel tracking technologies. [more…]


RayHaber 28.02.2017 Tender Bulletin

Gantry Crane Nondestructive Inspection Service Will Be Taken Alsancak - Egirdir Line KM: 4 + 350 - 5 + 100 Coating between the defects to be covered with Steel Grid Personnel Service Will Be Taken Similar Railway News and Other News You may be interested inRayNews 02.01.2017 Tender Bulletin 02 / 01 [more…]


TCDD 2017 Announces Nursery Fees

TCDD 2017 has announced nursery fees: TCDD General Directorate, the new fees to be valid from 21 March 2017 date in accordance with the T Communiqué on Public Social Facilities tarih published by the Ministry of Finance in the Official Gazette dated 29955 January 15 and 2017 January XNUMX [more…]


TÜVASAŞ Receives Old Convicted Workers

TÜVASAŞ Receives Former Convicted Workers: TÜVASAŞ has announced the recruitment of employees through İşkur. TÜVASAŞ announced that it would recruit workers through İşkur. The applicants who meet the conditions requested in the procurement notice will receive their applications via the official website of Iskur. Ad [more…]

46 Kahramanmaras

Expropriation Work Started for Cableway in Kahramanmaraş

Expropriation works have started for the cable car in Kahramanmaraş: Expropriation works have started for the cable car project to be carried out by Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality. In the statement made by the Directorate of Real Estate and Expropriation related to the expropriation activities: lığı Industrialization and economic seen in our city in recent years [more…]