There is no crossing with Mersin Metropolitan


Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which took measures for the snowfall approaching the days before, passed the challenging examination with the works carried out against snowfall in 1 meters, especially in high areas. The teams, which grew up in every district in every district, continued to work throughout the night to ensure that the citizens were not victims.

750 Speedometer Opened

Snowfall, which is effective in western and high parts of Mersin, negatively affected transportation in some regions. However, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality teams coordinating the day by making necessary preparations and opening the roads that were closed despite heavy snowfall in a short time, prevented the closure of most village roads within the scope of the works carried out.

10 construction equipment (graders, dozer and bucket), 34 vans, 5 terrain vehicle and 13 personnel in the 98 district throughout Mersin successfully carried out a successful work against the white cover.

On the one hand, teams fighting snow, received a response in a short time in the Mut district of the town of Kavaközü disturbed Asiye Cetin'i health organization has trained. The teams also continued to work in order to ensure the distribution of supplies in the regions where they were needed and not to be the victims.

There is no crossing with the snow

The Metropolitan Municipality, which passed the exam in the snow which is effective, prevented the possible disruptions in transportation throughout the city. Here are the details of the fight against snow in Mersin:

Virtuous: 4 machine, 3, 12 staff, with Avgadı, Sarıkaya, Kızılen, Alibeyli, Fat, Letters, Southern, Güzeloluk, Sorgun, Akpinar, Toros, Sıraç drinking Group on the way to the fight against snow continued without interruption.

Gulnar: 3 grader, 3 pickup and 13 staff in Elmakuzu, Köseçobanlı, Gezende, Demirözü, Konur, Yarmasu, Ishaklar, Taşoluk and Bolyaran neighborhoods were initiated.

Mut: With the 3 grader, 2 pickup and 10 personnel, the roads that were closed in the neighborhoods of Dağpazarı, Elmapınarı, Kavaközü, Gümme, Çivi and Ballı were opened in a short time.

Bozyazı: 2 work machine, 1 salting tool and 6 personnel with the Ardıç, Devrent, Kızılca, Akçamaşat, Dereköy, Kabaağaç, Akgedik and Elmakuzu neighborhoods were carried out.

Anamur: 1 grader, 1 pickup and 4 personnel are not allowed to interrupt transportation in Sugözü, Boğuntu and Cukurabanoz roads

Taurus: 6 grader, 4 JCB, 3 loder, 3 off-road vehicle, 2 salting tool and 34 personnel with high height, Hangediği Group Main Road, Hanged, Deynek, Tırtar, Atlılar group road, Horozlu, Güzelyayla group road, Arslanköy, Gözne, Ayvagediği and Alanyalı group route is opened for transportation.

Silifke: 2 graders, 1 trucks, 1 terrain vehicle, 1 JCB and 8 personnel with Pelitpınarı, Uşakpınarı, Nuru, Senir, İmambekirli, Çaltazmak, Uzuncaburç, Örenköy, Yeğenliedenamış, Kırobası and Kocaoluk Connection Road continued without interruption.

Akdeniz: 1 grader, 1 JCB, 1 loder, 1 off-road vehicle and 6 personnel were not given the opportunity to disrupt the transportation in the main road of the hazelnutpine and the Demiris Group.

Tarsus and Camliyayla: 2 graders, 1 vans and 5 personnel with Boztepe, Böğrüeğri, Kisecik, Körmenlik, Keşli and Çukurbağ and Çamlıyayla in the regions of the Black Sea in the morning and the first light of the fight against the snow continued untill the morning.

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