Digital Change Has Started in Samsun's Traffic

samsun traffic began to change digitally
samsun traffic began to change digitally

Huawei, which signed the Smart City Cooperation Protocol with Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, has signed a magnificent promotion on the subject. President Zihni Şahin said, “This journey we take will turn Samsun into a smart city and offer a better life to our people.”

In Samsun, the Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to increase the life standard quality of the city to a much higher level by bringing a radical solution to the traffic problem, started to bear the fruits of the Smart City Cooperation Protocol, which it signed with the world technology giant Huawei in this direction. While the giant technology company signed a magnificent promotional film in this direction, the statement came from Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Şahin, "This journey we have set will turn Samsun into a smart city, and offer a better life to our people."


Having signed the Smart City Cooperation Protocol, which included the Metropolitan Municipality and Turkcell at the beginning of September, Huawei announced that it is ready to bring its world-leading expertise and experience to Samsun. Huawei's 4-minute promotional video about the project was highly appreciated. "Samsun is one of the major cities of our country, the print name in the history of Turkey," saying also initiated video, "Me slogan Samsun also has the potential to be among the leading cities in the history of digital Turkey," the emphasis was made.


In the video highlighted that Huawei is the world's leading "Information and Communication Technologies" solution provider with the mission of "digitizing all people, homes and institutions for a fully connected and smart world," City started the Digital Transformation Journey. This journey turns Samsun into a smart city and promises a better life to people. ” In the presentation prepared, the following views were briefly mentioned:

“Samsun Metropolitan Municipality chose Huawei as a strategic partner to build the smart city. In the smart city area, Huawei has served more than 40 countries and regions, more than 120 cities and 400 million people. And now Huawei is ready to bring its world-leading expertise and experience to Samsun. Traffic is one of the biggest problems that people of Samsun face every day. Metropolitan Municipality handled the traffic problem as the first step of the entire digital transformation plan. ”


Making a statement on the subject, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Şahin reminded that Huawei suggested 'Intelligent Traffic Solution (ITS)' and said, “ITS; network, cloud computing, large to manage city traffic Intelligent traffic signal controller, which is part of the ITS solution, is a system that can automatically adjust traffic lights configurations, "sense", "think" and "decide" 7/24. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and Huawei He installed it at the DLH junction and tested it. ”


Saying that ITS has produced remarkable results in a short time, President Zihni Şahin listed them as follows:

“In the classical system, while the lights that were lit for the same time all day long were squeezing traffic, the smart system prevented accumulation by adjusting the light times according to the intensity. In the classic system, a vehicle can be attached to the same red light more than once, while comfortable flow and flexible light times do not waste time in the smart system. While the classical system turns green light for a short period of time at the junction turns, the smart system adjusts the green light times according to the intensity and relieves the turn.

While the light times do not change in all conditions regardless of intensity in the classical system, the smart system determines the most appropriate light times thanks to sensors and artificial intelligence. ”

Mayor Şahin also said, “This pilot application is just an example of how digitalization and smart city systems can benefit city life. A small step taken with ITS is a big step for Smart Samsun. Our goal is to make Samsun a more livable and peaceful city by solving traffic and other problems. We make great efforts in this direction. I hope we will see the benefits all together, "he said.



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