Mersine Monorail Project

📩 30/11/2018 16:57

Mersine Monorail Project: The Monorail Project in Mersin was introduced to the representatives of professional organizations and non-governmental organizations.

The Monorail Project, which will work on a steel line 8 meters above the ground in order to facilitate urban transportation in MERSİN, was introduced to the representatives of professional organizations and non-governmental organizations.

At the meeting held in Mersin Congress and Exhibition Center, Mersin Metropolitan Deputy Mayor Kerim Tufan and Ataray Grup A.Ş. Osman Alioğlu, the Chairman of the Board, gave information about the Monorail Project, which has an investment cost of approximately 70 million dollars. Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Kerim Tufan stated that the residents of Mersin wanted a priority solution to public transportation and traffic problems in the surveys they conducted during the local election process, and said that they opened the feasibility of the Monorail Project prepared by Ataray Grup A.Ş.

Later, Ataray Grup A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Osman Alioğlu made a presentation about the Monorail Project. Osman Alioğlu said that the monorail, which has a total investment cost of 70 million dollars, will be built on a steel line to be laid 8 meters above the ground, and that the 13.1 kilometer line between Mersin Station and Mezitli Soli Junction can carry 348 thousand passengers per day. Alioğlu said the following about the project:

“Monorail, designed as a double line on a route of 13 thousand 100 meters, is a multi-purpose transportation system consisting of 18 stations. The system will consist of steel columns and beams that will be installed approximately 8 meters above the ground and will operate with 3-phase city electricity. The aim of the project is to provide urban transportation in a safe, fast, economical and comfortable way, to increase the living standards of the people, and to reduce the urban appearance and noise pollution. The system goes up to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard on Istiklal Street and covers the distance along Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard to the Soli Junction. "

Stating that the stations will be established as a closed area 5 meters above the ground, Alioğlu said, “Each wagon has a total of 24 seats in 50 seats. A total of 5 passengers will be able to travel in the series with 200 wagons. The monorail will be capable of a maximum speed of 72 kilometers. A tour on 18 stations will take 42 minutes in total. Vehicles will be able to run fully automatically without the need for a driver. "It will not be affected by power cuts."

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