IZBAN'da Lower Strike Offer After Ban Strike

raise in post-strike bidding
raise in post-strike bidding

İZBAN management has reduced the offer of 30 percentage to 26. Reactions to the withdrawal of the proposal came.

According to the news of Metehan UD from Evrensel, the management of the strike, which tried to turn the ban on the opportunity, reduced the price offer of 30 to 26. This proposal was also withdrawn because the social media reacted to the offer while trying to make a bid by being intimidated by the High Arbitrator.

One of the most important networks in Izmir's public transportation with the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), collective bargaining negotiations in the joint venture izban clogged and Turk-dependent Railways Workers Union members working in Izmir Branch The 10 was on strike in December. Strike 29. On the day of the event, it was forbidden by the AKP leader and President Erdoğan to denounce the public transport services.

The 60, which started with the strike ban, continued in the daily period, while the union management met with the TCDD management recently. During the meeting, the TCDD bureaucrats reiterated their offer of a raise of a percentage of 26, which they previously gave. This offer bare salary, bonuses, 22,10 for technicians with other economic rights; 26 for machinists; 24,18 percent for technicians; 22,96 percent for operators; 28,2 for accountants; It corresponds to the percentage of 29,38 for vignettes. This proposal was also withdrawn due to the statements of the workplace representative in the informational message to the workers.


The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Aziz Kocaoglu, called the head of Türk-İş, Ergün Atalay, on the night before the strike was banned and said that he had offered a raise of 30 per cent. The workers learned that the strike was banned before they could evaluate this offer. Unionists, TCDD bureaucrats reminded the proposal to increase the percentage of Kocaoğlu'nun 30'in was not included in the information received. İZBAN management trying to turn the prohibition of the strike into an opportunity tries to close the contract at the lowest cost by threatening with the High Arbitration Board. There is no official offer in the middle with the withdrawal of the last 26. If the contract goes to the High Judge, the percentage can be ended with 4-5.


Following the given 26 bid, İZBAN shared an information note that workers' wages had passed 4 thousands, but accounts made over the wages received by workers show that this information is not real. In the table explained by İZBAN management, although it is claimed that 4 thousand 136 TL salary will be given to the technician, the number of workers will receive 3 thousand 125 TL; 4 bin 152 for 3 while 75 is 3, while the number of operators for station operators is 988 bin 2. . According to the recently concluded collective bargaining agreement between İzmir Metro and İzmir Metro, the difference between the employees of İZBAN and 975 is between 3 and 820.


Evrensel workers speaking from the proposal of the metropolitan TCDD management does not make sense of not expressing the expression of olm the strike in the process of falling İZBAN'ın mouth did not drop why he is now silent. Following the figures taken from İzmir Metro AŞ, which is the closest example to us, work peace can never be ensured in İZBAN. Every collective contract period is inevitable. Although Aziz Kocaoğlu accused us of being the political tong of the AKP, the strike was banned by the AKP. For the sake of their own interests, İZBAN ignored the problems and demands of their employees. They crushed the worker. No mention has been made since 2012. Those who accuse us of ler child geri because of our demands withdraw their offers with a paylaş childish ça attitude due to our shares. İZBAN's AKP and CHP partners are also united in a strike ban against workers. At the moment the threat is imposed by the High Referee, Yüksek he said.


40 worker who works as a machine, technician, technician, station operator, box office employee at 136 station and 343 kilometer line between Aliağa and Selçuk was able to get the same salary as the other workers in the rail transport sector and the workers in the rail transport sector. . The cost of this to İZBAN is around 34 of the budget. Strike 29 has been the subject of many debates throughout the day, while the management of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made statements that will bring the workers and the public together, while the TCDD kept its silence. Greve 'AKP's local election move' in the form of accusations directed. (UNIVERSAL)

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