Kocaoğlu: "I Could Not Solve İZBAN's Signaling Problem"

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who participated in a television broadcast in İzmir, made important statements that would put his mark on the agenda. Calling the lawmakers in power, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “They will look at the planning of İnciraltı. At İZBAN, I try to increase the passenger capacity from 350 million to 700 million a year, I cannot solve it. Because TCDD did not signalize. They will go to TCDD and discuss this. They will target the development of İzmir. Then I will make them the crown. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which they call 'Involuntary', developed this city alone ”.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu participated in the live broadcast of the tvDEN channel and answered the questions of Pınar Tosunoğlu in the Günaydın Aegean program. Mayor Kocaoglu, made important statements about the urban agenda.
Aliağa-Selçuk İZBAN line, which came to the agenda with the new application “paying for the kilometers traveled”, will go to Bergama within 3 years and therefore they have to establish a fair system, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality said, “Currently İZBAN line is 136 km. How fair is it, how much justice is it to travel a long distance with a single ticket? Together with İZBAN, we switched to pay-as-you-go software and apply it. 90 minutes for the first time in Turkey, we have interests. Currently, we make the cheapest transportation among the three major metropolises. We programmed something like this; We said, the citizen is 25 km, in other words, he can go with a single ticket in the old metropolis and get 90 minutes transfer. Those who go more than 25 kilometers should pay 7 cents per kilometer. We need to set up a system here, otherwise it is not possible. ”

We do not decide against the citizen
Saying that it is natural to experience some problems in the settlement of the system, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “If our citizens of Izmir who criticize this practice that you have paid as much as you go says 'Let me go 136 kurus for 2 Turkish lira', we have nothing to say. There is no such number anywhere ... The system we have established works in that density in Metrobus in Istanbul. I am a 86-month, 6-year mayor. I have been the mayor for 3 years. Our investments, stance, view of people on nature are certain. It is not possible for us to decide against our citizens ”.

Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu reminded that İZBAN is a joint project of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD and continued as follows:

“All the efforts made, from İZBAN's construction to its work, developed within the knowledge of Izmir residents. We and TCDD have had some conflicts in this project so far, but I have never made a political evaluation against my partner. This system has to work because I believe in this, TCDD believes in this, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality believes in this. If you do not take science and apply it equally in the system where technology and software have developed so much, then we have to be questioned. At that time, our fellow countrymen who get on 1 stop, 2 stops, 3 stops' take 2,86 lira from me, you get so much from 136 km; How will I answer when he asks how fairness is this? Now I'm giving the answer. ”

Underlining that the 90-minute system is continuing and that they are making serious “transportation subsidies” to low-income citizens with this practice, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “If he is going to work in Uzundere TOKİ with 2-3 cars, we make him go with a single ticket. If we calculate 20 liras out of the pocket of a 3-day-working citizen, 60 lira less money, 60 lira-120 lira for departure. This is social municipalism, but we also need to protect justice. This is all our aim in the system in İZBAN. ”

Nobody talks İnciraltı
President Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that since he took office he made a great effort for planning İnciraltı and summarized his thoughts on this subject:

“Inciraltı is urgently needed to be planned not only for our fellow citizens who own property and land in İnciraltı, but also for the elimination of their grievances and the development of İzmir. Lastly, we met with our Prime Minister, Mr. Binali Yıldırım. He sent two experts, and we gave the necessary information to authorized friends. We stated that there should be a planning approach. We do not have the authority to plan. The authority is in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. We also conducted an in-depth study with a planning approach. We gave it to our Prime Minister, Minister of Environment and relevant bureaucrats as a guide and guide. And we said that İnciraltı should be planned urgently. A great acceleration in the development of Izmir without spending any money. kazanWe have always shared the İnciraltı Plan, which will continue, with everyone. The plan has now stalled. No one but us talks about it. Political will is needed here. The Prime Minister's will is needed. In my opinion, friends in İnciraltı and those who want İzmir to develop, institutions, non-governmental organizations, chambers and NGOs should strive for the planning of İnciraltı, push the central government and convey their wishes and wishes. I did everything I could. Since I do not own any property there, I speak and defend very easily. Planning İnciraltı means the development of İzmir step by step. We held a fair in Izmir, it brings a serious income. Incomparable to the fair, İnciraltı is one of the areas that will have a greater and greater impact on İzmir's development, employment, growth in terms of tourism and service.

Convicts should be classified
In the context of regulation under the Statutory Decree, as part of the regulation, working as a subcontractor in the municipalities, retired, retired workers, formerly convicted of the termination of the labor contract that makes a statement on the President Kocaoğlu said:

“We met yesterday with the 9 mayors in the center and discussed the situation of 2 thousand 500 people being exposed. We talked about unity of discourse and action in practice. The situation of retirees is different. right to retirement kazanHe will receive severance pay. However, the main victims here are those who have been convicted. Convicted people need to be classified according to us. Has he been convicted of terrorism or of the judicial class? This distinction needs to be made. The central government should decide which one it does not want to work and pave the way for the rest. In accordance with the law, we have to employ a certain amount of disabled and convicts. The places where convicted citizens will work are government agencies, municipalities, etc. they take advantage of this quota. If the central government paves the way for this and imposes a limit on the degree of crime, we will comply with it. The dismissal of these convicted citizens will affect the problem in the country and the living conditions of those citizens. This issue needs to be reconsidered by the central government. This is our common opinion with our mayors.”

I am not against Alacati airport
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor clarified the wrong statements about making an airport in Alaçatı. Yapıl It is necessary to review what is said to be the people who say ler not wanting to say ere, Hamza Dağ and others. I'm not a lecher, but I'm someone who supports this. There was an airport there and it was informal. It's on the agenda again. Anyway, there will be aircraft of certain size, summer season or weekends. There is no problem with the airport in terms of me; on the contrary, I support this issue. tam

In addition to the airport, a connection was established with wind energy, President Aziz Kocaoglu said, gar I am not against wind energy. But I'm also against the 100 meter of the man's house, near the pet's roof, that is, the affinities that will affect people's lives. Regardless of where in Turkey, wind energy, where appropriate, be made against the investment in sustainable clean energy is not in question. In every assembly meeting, many wind energy investments are underway. What is important in wind energy is that those who plan from Ankara consider the actual situation in place, contact their local administrations and call their own provincial directorates and where appropriate. There are people living there, there is a forest, there is an agricultural area, the animals are grazing. Wind energy should be decided by considering all of them. The establishment of solar energy to the lowlands plains is also not correct. Bit

The country's future is getting dark
Agriculture and animal husbandry in the country collapsed, underlining that the agricultural production Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu continued:

“Today, agricultural lands and empty plains are sold for the price of nothing. Here is money from agriculture kazanIt is taken and left blank by people who say, 'Tomorrow there will be reconstruction, tomorrow I will make solar energy there', because it is not done. This is to tarnish the future of the country. It also carries the risk of the country entering a bottleneck in terms of nutrition. Whatever is to be done should be determined and allowed under the guidance of reason and science, and neither solar nor wind energy should be applied to a place that receives crops three times a year.”

Called the Deputies
President Aziz Kocaoglu, about a year before the election some people increased the dose of politics by hitting the Metropolitan by drawing attention to the following said:

“Making politics with classical discourses such as İstiefükç does harm to us, not to us. Our yogurt eating is also clear, what we do and how we strive for the city. These people have to talk about İnciraltı plans. For example, Hamza Dağ, Deputy Chairman and deputy for 2 terms, what kind of initiative did you do and what did you do? You need to question him. 'The tram is over late, it's over early'. These words are transparent. So it is empty words. What did you do, what did you invest? Which problem of Izmir did you try to solve? The airport was built with build-operate-transfer, and the city hospital and so on. What did you do for this city, from the incentive to the development of agriculture, for the development of İzmir's economy? This is the case in industry, service sector and port management. İzmir is a very important potential. What did you do, what incentive did you give to the city of Izmir, which ran the top three in agriculture and animal husbandry? Ruling lawmakers will look at the planning of İnciraltı. We have certain problems in İZBAN. We strive to increase passenger capacity from 350 million to 700 million per year. However, TCDD did not signalize. I am trying, I can not solve. They will go to TCDD and meet. They will take İzmir's development as a target; then they will be my deputies. I'll make him the crown of head then. All lawmakers, including the CHP, will follow İzmir's work in the state bureaucracy. I have written our requests and wishes many times. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which he called 'Involuntary', developed this city alone ”.

They don't even look at Izmir
Izmir University of Economics Faculty Member Oğuz Esen and 2004-2016 9.9 billion TL between the 11.9-2016 years, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and 55 billion TL investment with the company emphasized that the report was also highlighted in the program. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality does not receive a penny investment support other than the share that should be given by the law from the central government. Pay This means that İzmir is treated as a stepchild. The central government squares the city of Izmir. Even in the last period, not even squint, not at all. 2017 in 64 in Izmir 42 billion, in 42 2 billion pounds tax was given. Net 3 has gone to state budget; Will go. There's nothing on him. He will take it there and give it to him, but there are investments required for the development of this city's needs. They're gonna cut it a little bit. 10 30 9.9 billion pounds per annum if the 20-XNUMX billion pounds of the tax on the net spent as an investment. But XNUMX has spent billion. If XNUMX billion was spent, nobody could recognize Izmir. We couldn't recognize it. Izmir developed much faster. It would leverage on Turkey's development, "he said.

Everybody take care of it!
In the program, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu also made an evaluation on the criticism of “There is no tourism on the agenda of those who run the city” and pointed out that there are no other institutions in İzmir that contribute to tourism as much as the Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor Kocaoğlu continued as follows:

“Which institution was the fair that made a fair alone and made a turnover of 2.5 - 3 billion lira per year to the tourism sector? They will answer this. The Izmir Promotion Foundation was established and did nothing until 3 years ago. We took over the foundation. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 5 million pounds a year as a foundation money transfers, Izmir in Turkey and we are trying to promote in the world. It is not anyone's job to go to the newspaper and make a statement, to talk about small things that will happen every day, to try to upset the nation; not at all! Everyone will take care of your business. Is there anyone who contributes to tourism as much as Metropolitan Municipality? Although it is the duty of the Ministry of Culture, we provide 11 million 5 thousand liras instead of 500 ruins in order to support the excavations and to reveal the works. How much does the Ministry of Culture pay for the excavations? How much does the Metropolitan Municipality give to the Izmir excavations? They will look at them first, compare who does what, and then talk. ”

If they come to me ...
"Are you a candidate in the elections?" Responding to the question, Mayor Kocaoğlu said humorously, “We will look. If they come to me like this, I will be a candidate. Let them calm me down, not over me. Of course there will be criticism. This is the most natural right. But first you will stick the needle to yourself and then the bag to the other. ”

The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continued his words as follows:
“There is a 20-year cultural center next to the Paterson Mansion. The AKP government, which has been in power for 15 years, could not finish a cultural center. We finished the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, which we started to build in 2006, in 2008. We saw the light in the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, but we still could not pass by car. It is wrong to say 'metro is not finished, tram is late'. It is not right for me to say the cultural center and Sabuncubeli. There is a mishap, the contractor escapes, problems occur on the ground. These happen. The important thing is to work in good faith and solve problems. Do not evaluate this in this way, if you say 'this is delayed', I would say that when was the foundation of the 'Sabuncubeli Tunnel' laid? In 2011. What time is it now? In 2008, while writing the subways of Istanbul and Ankara, they wrote to us and said 'Let's make your subway'. We said 'Make Halkapınar-Bus Terminal with Buca metro'. The Halkapınar-Otogar metro project also had a preliminary project. From 2008 to 2018 .. 10 years have passed .. Ministry of Transport made the metro in Istanbul and Ankara. The Minister was Binali Bey. From that date to that date, Izmir deputy. Nothing was done in Izmir. Halkapınar is not 4.5 kilometers money. We gave it in good faith. Otherwise, instead of going for the tender of the 8.5-kilometer Narlıdere metro line, we were going to tender the Halkapınar-Otogar line because it was a priority garage. They do not even mention the Buca subway .. Without investing in İzmir, you cannot get İzmir by installing adjectives that will offend İzmirli with various qualifications ”.

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