Çorlu Train Disaster Arrived

corlu traiasi boyle arrives
corlu traiasi boyle arrives

A new document on the train disaster in Çorlu was documented with a photograph taken just before the catastrophe of standing passengers.

The journalist Mustafa Hoş, who shared the omissions that caused the death of 25 to the death of a person in the train accident in Çorlu, re-documented an interesting detail about the Çorlu train disaster with his Twitter account. In the photograph, which he stated was taken just before the disaster, he stated that there was the most concrete evidence that he was carried as a standing passenger. 340-3 from the disaster. 4-2 wagons. Sarılar position is about to be passed. The photo was severely injured. The importance of this photograph is that it is the most concrete evidence of standing passengers. Bu

Previously published documents on the disaster

Pleasant, before again from the Twitter account had shared important information about the disaster. According to the news in Artı Gerçek, the Çorlu train expert Mustafa Karaşahin revealed that Pamukova tragedy tragedy took place in the 'independent science committee', and that after he laundered Pamukova he became a consultant to the Ministry of Transport:, Çorlu for the train disaster before the end of the examination of the overturning of the train connecting the death vent and praised Professor. Mustafa Karaşahin served as a consultant to the Ministry of Transport. I have worked on many high speed train renovation lines. The most scandal is the accident or even the project consultant. En (Plus Real)


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