Description from BURULAŞ; ”Children will no longer be cold“

burulastan clarification children now usumeyacak
burulastan clarification children now usumeyacak

BURULAŞ 'response came from the news in Bursa called or 2 hours in the cold to go to school in Bursa di. BURULAŞ said in a statement in writing, thanking for the sensitivity of today in Bursa, the bus problem will be resolved within 2 days, he said.

Today in the history of the news center 07.01.2018 and children who go to school on the subject of grievance “2 hours in the cold to go to school to go to school in Bursa inde news after the action BURULAŞ. In the written statement, it was informed that the school exit hours and bus pass hours would be solved in 2 days. The statement contained the following statements,

Çocuklar We would like to thank you for the sensitivity and sensitivity you give to the education of our children.

It is only 8 that the D4-A bus line that is the subject of your news on your website started the day when it was the subject of your news. We would like to share with you that it is the day and that the region is being improved in accordance with the needs and demands with the arrangements like time, route and route. Previously in the region as the D8 line by Burulaş 3 January as the regulation was implemented by taking the name of D8-A student students residing in the way to go to the place where the Gümüşhaneliler. Thus, the students who had to go to school and walk to school had access to bus services. Then, according to the demands of our citizens living in the region, time intervals according to the hours of work and school were organized and still continue to be organized.

Emine Sait Uyar who teaches in singles with our secondary school. She has regular bus service in the same way as the beginning and end of the lesson. The issue of not to coincide with 18: 00, the exit time of the secondary school students subject to the news, will be solved by taking the new clock arrangement to be made within a few days after the D8-A bus pass time from the Kızıklar Secondary School exit time 18: 00. We would like to present to the public un (the Bursadabug)

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