3. Will there be a postponement for the airport move?

Is there a further delay for the 3 airport transportation process?
Is there a further delay for the 3 airport transportation process?

Istanbul airport has been the subject of major discussions since its construction. Now the moving process. As you know, the Airlinehaber team at the airport, which has not yet decided to postpone, had announced to its readers that this move would not be possible.

Now, it is not possible to carry the deferred transportation process to 3 Mart by international airport experts. It was announced that the planned relocation was indexed to the wrong date.

Christoph Brützel, a specialist in aeronautics management, underlined that planning to take place in March is a very harsh and impulsive approach.

All airline companies will be exposed to operational problems if the move is completed before all preparations are made.

Underlining that the slow moving transportation may result in disaster, Professor of Aeronautics underlined the need to keep politics and civil aviation apart.

By giving examples from the airport in Munich at the 1992, he said that a long time is needed for the reconstruction of the flight plans, and that the filler ground to the area where the coal deposits were previously passed should go through stronger tests.

3. Airport moving can not be done in March, at least 1 for the move process is needed, early transport will cause major problems and the airline authorities will not take this risk, he added.

In addition, Airlinehaber 3 underlines that the ground survey prepared by the engineers should be shared with the press. He wrote that the airport will start operations with difficulties. (Airlinehab is)

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