DHMİ 9 Announces Monthly Figures

dhmi announces monthly figures
dhmi announces monthly figures

General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI), 2019 year of September airplane aircraft, passenger and freight statistics announced.

Accordingly, in September; The number of aircraft departing and departing at airports was 77.365 for domestic flights and 75.465 for international flights. Total airplane traffic served reached 194.923 with overpasses.

In September, Turkey serving domestic passenger traffic at airports across 8.668.089, 12.240.602 was international passenger traffic. Total passenger traffic with direct transit passengers was realized as 20.929.426.

Airports freight (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic; As of September, 81.084 tons in domestic lines and 244.718 tons in international lines reached a total of 325.802 tons.


2019 as of the end of September; airplane traffic to and from airports was 636.771 on domestic flights and 554.646 on international flights. Thus, total aircraft traffic reached 1.550.588 with overpasses.

Turkey 76.431.401 of the overall domestic passenger traffic airports, where international passenger traffic during this period of 84.828.052 direct transit passengers together with total passenger traffic stood at 161.482.868.

Airports freight (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic; 626.460 tons in domestic lines and 1.865.412 tons in international lines.


Aircraft landing and taking off at Istanbul Airport in September became 9.369 on domestic flights, 28.960 on international flights and total 38.329. Total 1.483.994 passenger traffic, including 4.783.667 in domestic lines and 6.267.661 in international lines, was realized.

At the Atatürk Airport, where general aviation activities and cargo transportation continue, 2019 aircraft traffic was realized in January-September period of 130.229. At the Atatürk Airport, 16.072.534 passengers were served during the January-April period until the opening of the Istanbul Airport.

222.435 airplane and 35.574.890 passenger traffic was at Istanbul Airport in nine months. Thus, only 352.664 aircraft traffic and 51.647.424 passenger traffic were realized in these two airports.


The number of passengers served at 9 monthly flights exceeds 47 million in tourism-intensive airports, where international traffic is heavy. Passenger traffic 16.035.492 on domestic lines, 31.556.514 on international lines; air traffic was 121.877 on domestic flights and 184.790 on international flights.

9 monthly data of our airports in tourism centers are as follows:

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport received 6.875.544 services on domestic flights, 2.686.942 services on international flights and a total of 9.562.486 passengers.

At the Antalya Airport, a total of 5.399.599 passengers were served, including 23.929.236 domestic and 29.328.835 international passengers.

In Muğla Dalaman Airport, total 1.280.104 passenger traffic, including 2.711.541 in domestic flights and 3.991.645 in international flights, was realized.

Muğla Milas-Bodrum Airport has the number of domestic passengers 2.089.603 and the number of international passengers 1.702.491. Total 3.792.094 passengers were served.

The number of domestic passengers at Gazipaşa Alanya Airport was 390.642 and the number of international passengers was 526.304. The total number of passengers reached 916.946.

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