The center of plateau tourism Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau

plateau and bagbasi plateau
plateau and bagbasi plateau

Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau, which was commissioned by 17 October 2015 by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in order to enrich the social life of Denizli people and to spend time in the nested environments with nature, reached 3 million visitors in 2 year.

Denizli Municipality of the city for a long time is the longest cable car in Turkey with Aegean Denizli dreamed unprecedented cableway and Bağbaşı Plateau, 3 years 2 million has reached the number of visitors. 17 October Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Chairman Mehmet Teke welcomed the 2015 millionth visitor of Denizli Teleferik and Bağbaşı Plateau. Erol-Gülistan Former couple and nephews Ali Kuzu'yu welcomed the full 2 years ago, indicating that they are the 3 millionth visitor of the facility BELTAŞ Chairman Mehmet Teke congratulated Erol Eski, said he and his family will offer various treats. Teke, who accompanied his old couple to Bağbaşı Plateau, said that the facility continues to receive visitors from Turkey and abroad with its magnificent view and the structure that fascinates people.

Four seasons attraction center

Giving information about Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau, one of the biggest tourism projects of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality BELTAŞ Chairman of the Board Mehmet Teke stated that they reached 3 million visitors in 2 years and said, “Our Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan sent us to Denizli. kazanDenizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau, which is located right next to the city, has become a center of attraction for four seasons. Our citizens, who are overwhelmed by the heat in the summer and want to see snow in the winter, flock here. In addition to Denizli, all our guests from outside the city and abroad like this place and continue to be in demand. We are working day and night to serve our citizens with accommodation facilities, social areas, games and entertainment venues.”

Thanks to Mayor Zolan

Erol Eski, the 2 millionth guest of Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau, stated that he was very happy with the surprise he experienced and brought such a beautiful facility to Denizli. kazanHe thanked the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Osman Zolan, for their efforts. Stating that they come to the facility frequently, Eski said, “We bring our guests from abroad to visit here. They also find this place, especially the plateau, very beautiful and magnificent.” His wife, Gülistan Eski, emphasized that they frequently visit Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau, and said, “It is a very beautiful, magnificent place. We are coming and we are bringing our guests. We thank everyone who contributed," he said.

New Zealand

Denizli Ropeway and Bağbaşı Plateau, serving the 365 day of the year, is one of the most sought after places for nature lovers with its paintings. Hulusi Çetin, a visitor from Kocaeli, said k We are very happy with the beauty and service here, we live in Karamürsel, Kocaeli but we miss this place very much Yıl. Ayfer Cetin, "We are trying to come every year, we are very pleased with the service here, the plateau is very beautiful," he said. Denizli is the cable car and Bağbaşı Plateau Tag from New Zealand visited Turkey for the first time in Layton said, she said; Güzel There are beautiful forests in New Zealand, but this place is beautiful. I came to see Pamukkale. While exploring the activities in Denizli, I discovered this place. This place is really beautiful, Bur he said.


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