İZBAN Nightmare Continues in İzmir

izbande izban nightmare
izbande izban nightmare

The light rail system İZBAN, which connects İzmir on the north-south axis, this morning caused chaos. ŞPO Chamber's İzmir branch board secretary Zafer Mutluer said that these problems are experienced because urban transportation is planned with profit maximization rather than public understanding.

The urban light rail system İZBAN, which connects İzmir to each other in the north, Aliağa in the south, on the Selçuk route, added a new one this morning.

The delay of half an hour due to the failure of trains in the stations of thousands of citizens and the road to the accumulation of roads. Citizens wishing to take the train to catch up with their jobs and schools did not fit in the wagons. Citizens who were furious that the electronic signs did not work and that no explanation was made during the delay, shared their reactions on social media.

Some of those reactions are as follows:

* There is no room in Tepeköy İZBAN, everyone is trying to catch up in the morning, what a disgrace…

* The train going in the direction of Aliağa Tepeköy was said to be broken down in Kemer at 06.43 and the other train departed at 7.30. Such a disgrace, especially at work, we say shame to our magnificent municipality.

* There is no explanation about the delay of flights, electronic signs do not work, no announcements or information. 35 minutes I was in the station was 2 voyage but many citizens did not even take our step into the car. It is enough.

* Another day I waited for İZBAN for half an hour. Neither problem ends nor malfunctions… Not to mention coming with a wagon at 6 in the morning! Thanks to you, everyone is late for their work and school.

* What about people trying to catch the plane, it is responsible for the İZBAN!


Zafer Mutluer, the secretary of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of City Planners, answered our questions about the issue. Mutuer, whom we consulted, said:

“If public transportation is planned with the concern of profit maximization, which is the understanding of transfer, İZBAN turns into a vehicle with 'no alternative'. So is the tram. Because they removed the bus lines. Therefore, in the slightest malfunction in these vehicles, the city life is locked. People can be hours late for work. Or the crowd is forced to travel in train carriages like a fish hoard. Naturally, this situation triggers the use of private vehicles and traffic. Those who can afford it, those who have cars, prefer their own vehicles, if available, instead of using this ridiculous transportation system. The understanding of transportation needs to get rid of planning for profit maximization immediately. Because urban transportation is a fundamental right.” – News LEFT

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