El Nino strikes Uludag winter season ends in two months

El Nino hit Uludağ, the winter season ended in two months: The season normally lasting 4 months in Uludağ, the center of winter tourism, ended early this year due to the hot weather and low snow quality.

The rise in weather temperatures above seasonal normals has undermined winter tourism in Uludağ. The hoteliers, who had a decline in accommodation rates close to 50 compared to last year, started to close their facilities in a row. 4 in the winter months under normal conditions, this year the warm weather and snow quality is expected to be lower than expected because of the 2 month. South Marmara Tourism and Hotel Operators Association (GÜMTOB) President Haluk Beceren, the heat wave of El Nino influenced Europe, he said.

GÜMTOB President Beceren, the end of March in the normal conditions, which continues until the end of the winter season in Uludag said that the early end of the snow. ”This is a lost year for businesses in Uludag this year,” said Beceren. Dağ Most of the hotels were closed. We had to close it a month ago. At the moment there are only those who come for a day trip on weekends. This isn't just our case. All ski resorts in Turkey is experiencing the same problem. All facilities in the whole Alpine region of 3 are now closed in Europe. This is not just a status-off to Turkey. Effective warm weather, including Europe, is linked to the 'El Nino' ​​natural phenomenon. About 3 effective for years. We expect this effect to end. Bu

'This will not be artificial snow in the air'

Two-month period in which snowfall is effective, the occupancy rate of the hotels reached to 90'ye, reminding Beceren, "Of course, this occupancy rate was not enough to save a season," he said. Touching on the subject of extension of the artificial snow in the season, Beceren stated that they have a mechanical system but that the air temperature in Uludağ is not at a level to make a profit. Beceren, the most effective study on this issue is expressed in Erzurum. Beceren, some of the ski resorts of snow thicknesses of tourists in misleading information about the claim, ğ the official meteorology in Uludag 10 inches of snow is expressed. In some ski centers where there is no official meteorology and hotels determine the snow thicknesses, misleading information is given to attract tourists. This is not ethical, Bu he said.

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