The heart of innovation is in İzmir (Photo Gallery)

Innovation heart beats in Izmir: held at the Swissotel "Turkey Innovation Week" event Speaking at the opening of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, in order to crown the value they give to innovation, this year's IEF The main theme of 'innovation' was announced as they are determined. Mayor Kocaoglu, "Turkey in Europe, so as the nearest town to civilization, to the development based on innovation and believes in innovative ideas, we support innovative work until the end. This is what suits a bright city like Izmir. İzmir
Turkey Exporters Assembly with the support of the Ministry of Economy (TIM) and the Aegean Exporters' Associations (EIB), the first of this year 'Turkey Innovation Week' event held in Izmir. 18 which will end in March Turkey Innovation Week, Swissotel Grand Efes started. The ceremony İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak, Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, President Mehmet Büyükekşi Turkey Exporters Assembly, Aegean Exporters Union Coordinator Chairman Sabri Unluturk, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO) Chairman Ender Yorgancılar, rectors, guests arriving for the panels, foreign participants , economists, managers of support organizations, businessmen, students and Izmir people attended.
18 March Çanakkale Victory speech and Martyrs Remembrance Day of the country's existence and integrity for all the martyrs of gratitude remembrance began Izmir giving their lives without blinking Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, "Turkey Innovation in our city friendly you at the Week's opening I am delighted to welcome you in Izmir. But my happiness is the light and the gleam in the eyes of my young friends who fill the hall. Min We are remembering our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk with respect and gratitude once more, an he said in a statement about his belief in youth with his words.
We are an innovative society
He said that he compared innovation to an ambitious meal that contained different flavors and was found worthy in the skillful hands of master chefs. There is some innovation, a little design, a little entrepreneurship and lots of imagination. Hazerfen Ahmet Çelebi's wings and flying the imagination, perhaps the most important in these, el he said.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who also made humorous references to the innovative mind of the Turkish people, continued: İzmir Whatever we say, it is certain that we are an innovative society! With this feature, we give plenty of material to humorists. Hundreds of thousands of euros to Ferrari tube, minibus, split air conditioner, washing the spinach in the dishwasher, brewing tea on the iron, pot dish antenna is a nation! As long as it is possible, let us open! The innovative spirit within our nation will definitely manifest itself in some way. Mill
”Proce“ not ”project“
Remaining that creating added value in exports and being a powerful country in the economy, and definitely passing through innovation and branding, President Kocaoğlu continued his speech as follows: falls into our youth who are not leaving their light. If you ask, sam Where are you in this innovation as the local government of this city? “.. Our faith in science, R & D, design and innovation is sincere. We highly appreciate social innovation. Frothing agent. Let the minds of Zihni Sinir ring; We are working on 'projects' rather than 'proce'. At every step we take, we are in contact with universities and scientists. It is very, very important for us to transform new knowledge into social benefits and contribute to the quality of life of our citizens. Our future dreams are full of innovations. I believe that being the first municipality of the country to establish R & D Innovation Directorate is an important criterion in terms of showing our pioneer and example identity. Ül
The main theme of the fair will be “innovation Fuar
Mayor Kocaoğlu said that they know the role of local governments in providing the necessary environment and conditions for innovation, and continued his speech as follows.
In In order to crown the value of innovation in the age of innovation, we have determined the main theme of the Izmir International Fair, which we will organize this year for the 85, as ver innovation ver. We aim to strengthen the spirit of innovation by means of this icon fair, which has served as a bridge between the past and the future, has witnessed history and enlightened the future. Modern and livable; In order to create a city open to design and innovation, we are implementing a series of innovative projects and applications. Turkey in Europe, so as the nearest town to civilization, believe in development based on innovation and innovative ideas, on behalf solutions for the future until the end, we support innovative work. This is what suits a bright city like Izmir! İzmir.
Innovation determines the fate of societies
The Governor of Izmir Mustafa Toprak, who started his speech by commemorating the events of the events in the country, said, artır Our country is one of the basic conditions of innovation to mobilize its existing power to increase its competitiveness by making the best use of its resources. This can only be achieved by adopting a culture of innovation. For this reason, Turkey, which was organized by the Association of Exporters will be an important achievement for our country of such activities. Innovation has become one of the important factors determining the fate of societies. Today's world has begun to transform rapidly into the information society. Günümüz
Ünlütürk, iy We hosted a thousand people in 9 Ün
Aegean Exporters Union Coordinator Chairman Sabri Unluturk, Turkey said they held a third of the Innovation Week events this year, "First we held in Izmir In the 2014. He has received so much attention that we are organizing the third in Izmir this year. I would also like to thank our partners and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality who are always with us for this event. Bu 21. Ünlütürk said that power is nourished from innovation in the 20th century., Innovation changes the societies and also changes countries. "Turkey Innovation Week 'Izmir meeting of so great importance. Last year we welcomed the enthusiasm of 9 bin innovation in Izmir. Izmir takes its power from innovation. We are going through tough times in the country. However, the long-term formula of putting an end to the suffering is to include knowledge and innovation throughout our lives. Ancak
2 grow a thousand young
Turkey Exporters Assembly President Mehmet Büyükekşi in his speech while, expressed his happiness to be heard by a combination of innovation enthusiasts in Izmir, said:
Inde Opportunities are declining in times of economic contraction. We need to move on to a new business approach that creates opportunities. We need a new generation of entrepreneur profiles. The old generation handed us important things. They stolen, they saved, but now the era is closed based on the supremacy of capital. The more knowledge we are, the more rich we will be. Innovation should be our goal, not a tool! Our mobile phones have a 'candy crash' game. One hundred million players are playing. The value is 5.9 billion dollars. so no turnover of all sugar factories in Turkey. Whatsup's monthly 1 billion active users. 2014 year sales figure 19 billion dollars. These are very important figures for our inspiration. Especially young people have great expectations. We are training our 2 thousand youngsters to prepare for the future in innovation. We have a million young people. With innovation and entrepreneurship, we will surround them and leave them to the squares. İn
Şey Courage ”means everything
TEB General Manager Ümit Leblebici said that the bank was trying to increase the courage of the entrepreneurs. ”Copy-and-stick products have been sold because of the horizontal growth in the world today, ürün said Lindkvist. This increases competition. You cannot create a new idea with competition. However, the world is rewarded by competing, a new thing is being punished. We have to grow vertically. That's why innovation is very important. Bu

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