Free Transportation to Citizens with Electric Buses in Eskişehir

Free Transportation to Citizens with Electric Buses in Eskişehir: Eskişehir Tepebaşı Municipality launched a 22 percent electric vehicle for free of charge with the grant loan it received from the European Commission at no cost. 4 hybrid vehicles and XNUMX electric vehicles started their journeys in Eskişehir Tepebaşı.
Tepebaşı Mayor Ahmet Ataç was the first person to sit in the driver's seat of the bus at the ceremony. While the public was happy that the free buses were put into service on the first buses, some citizens were slightly concerned about saying that the electric buses could crash themselves. With the electric buses and the hybrid vehicles of the municipality for 22 vehicles, Eskişehir's air will now be clean and millions of liras will be saved. It will also serve as an example for all provinces and districts of Turkey with the project. Meanwhile, the buses, which are completely electric, are automatic in terms of usage and they can travel 300 kilometers at a time in the comfort of passenger cars.
Tepebaşı Mayor Ahmet Atac example in the use of renewable energy is very happy to be the first time a municipality and electric buses in Turkey are proud to offer a free service to the citizens yaşıyorumö he said. Stating that it is a pleasure to offer this service without paying a fee from the municipal safe, Tepebaşı Mayor Ahmet Ataç said, “Our citizens from Eskişehir deserve the best of everything. Our work for larger projects continues uninterruptedly. ”
For the “Smart City Project”, which is a new model for the acceleration of smart urban transformation, 5 electric buses were received within the scope of the 4 million Euro grant received by Tepebaşı Municipality from the European Commission.
The ceremony held at the Tepebaşı Municipality Service Building attracted great attention. Eskişehir Tepebaşı Municipality, Turkey's domestic manufacturers by performing one of the first electric bus purchases Bozankayareceived E-Karat model electric buses from Turkey. Four pieces Bozankaya Eskişehir Tepebaşı Municipality, which receives an E-Karat bus, takes care of both the environment and operating costs with these vehicles.
Tepebaşı Mayor Ahmet Ataç, in his speech at the delivery ceremony; “Within the Smart City Project, we broke new ground within the scope of the 5 million Euro grant we deserve from the European Commission. We offer our electric buses to the service, which stand out with their high energy saving and environmental friendliness. electric buses as we opened one of the first to use electric buses tenders in Turkey will be the first municipality in Tepebaşı Municipality. In this direction, the first electric bus manufacturer in Turkey will carry passengers BozankayaWe are very happy to receive our vehicles from ".
Underlining their investments by thinking about the future of the city as well as today's conditions, Ataç said; “Our E-Karat electric buses that we received will provide an advantage in our costs today with energy saving, and will help us prepare a clean tomorrow for our future generations with the 0-emission environmentally friendly electric driving principle. When we compare the detailed test drives with conventional diesel buses, we show that we can save an average of 75 thousand Euros annually with a single E-Karat bus. This means a total of 300.000 Euros per year with our four buses. Thus, the cost of purchasing the electric bus will be equal to the savings we will make from E-Karat in 5 years. ”
Eskişehir Governor Assistant Ömer Faruk Günay thanked all the municipal staff who contributed to the project and said, “I am proud as the deputy governor who coordinates energy efficiency in Eskişehir and works to create sensitivity in this regard. It is very important to produce energy by using the sun, water and wind, which are renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels that harm the environment due to its use. ”
Bozankaya E-carat; low energy consumption, efficient and environmentally friendly tool stands out. It offers a lower energy cost between 70 and 80 compared to conventional buses already in use. When fully charged, the E-Karat is guaranteed with a range of at least 200 km and can travel between the average 300 km in urban transport. Moreover, electric vehicle stations can be charged with intelligent mobile charging units without the need.

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