AK Party rejection of 40 buses for Eskişehir!

For the 2018 bus program in the 40 investment program for Eskişehir, the 20 million TL loan was rejected by the AK Party group. In addition, the venue for the construction of the new campus building in Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality was the subject of debate.

The second session of the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality September Assembly was chaired by Aydın Ünlüce. In the assembly meeting, the 20 million TL loan and the Metropolitan Municipality were selected for the new campus building. Due to the inadequacy of the existing building on the way to the Yıldıztepe neighborhood Seyitgazi fire department thought to be made to the campus AK Party group opposed. AK Party group suggested that the new campus should be built in the Muttalip region by suggesting the traffic density. In addition, the protocol between the ITU and the Metropolitan Municipality for the construction of a protocol against the AK Party group proposed to sign the protocol with ESOGU. With the majority of votes from the Plan Budget and the Law Commission of the Government and Regulation, the CHP group adopted a dissenting opinion on the article that came to parliament.

Another issue of discussion was 40 million TL credit withdrawal for 20 bus purchases. The AK Party refused to withdraw credit for the bus purchase. Speaking about the issue, Ahmet İlker, a CHP councilor, said that they did not agree with the decision and said, “The borrowing program of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality is not as high as it is said. The public is misinformed. ” AK Party Mustafa Önder said, “Until today, we have provided the necessary ease for the relief of city traffic. We did our best for bus purchases, tram purchases and tram line extensions. Three and a half years have passed since 2014, the committee gave 3 million lira to this commission to solve the transportation. The last 323 bus purchase requests. Spending authority was granted within 100 buses. 100 of them were taken, 82 of them are still in the purchase phase. 18 buses bought entered our municipality inventory. Are these buses bought for the use of our citizens or to line up like a rosary at the Metropolitan Municipality Intercity Bus Terminal? Can you leave your own vehicle under that sun for 82 months without maintenance? Where are the 7 buses taken with the money of this nation used? Where did these 100 buses not be available to the city, where did the 100 bus purchases come from? Where are the 40 buses? Who is using? "Which neighborhood do you use for our neighborhood?" After the speeches, the loan to be taken for bus purchases was rejected by majority of votes. The issue was transferred to the parliament to be discussed again.

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