Lack of Railway in Corum

Railway Deficiency in Çorum. Big Disadvantage: Industrial companies operating in Çorum have a balance of competition at the national level due to increasing transportation costs.
Industrial enterprises operating in Çorum pointed out that competition balances at national level were affected negatively due to increasing transportation costs.
Lacking alternative transportation channels outside the highway, industrialists and businessmen emphasized that Çorum lost commercial and economic blood, and pointed out that the aspiration of the railway should end soon.
Businessmen by calling our News Center, voicing their thoughts on the subject, the companies in the Organized Industrial Zone, especially the leading industrial companies in Corum, a major economic burden arising from transportation costs they noted.
The representatives of the sector, who indicated that the momentum of Çorumlu industrial enterprises that come to the present with the partnership culture, is about to shift due to the disazibility that is continuing in terms of logistics, called to the authorities and called for more efforts at the solution point.
Manisa-Turgutlu-Izmir-Kemalpaşa rail link line from the benefit of starting industrial companies, dealers and they reached by rail to customers in Turkey boasted Çorumlu industrialists attention they publicly announced, "We have to recognized industry organizations that exports to various countries of the world from the Asian steppes. However, our lack of important logistics lines, such as railroad, constitutes a major disadvantage for our industry. We expect the railway project to be accelerated and implemented as soon as possible in order to eliminate this situation. ”

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