Minister Turhan: Önem We attach great importance to the Belgrade-Sarajevo Highway Project Bakan

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, the trade volume between Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina last year, said he realized about 618 million dollars, said they are aiming to increase this figure to 1 billion dollars in the short term.

Turhan met with the Minister of Communication and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina, İsmir Jusko and his delegation.

The volume of trade between Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina that transfers last year totaled about $ 618 million Turhan, this figure was reported that they aimed to increase 1 billion dollars in the short term. Turhan pointed out that the developing relations in the transportation sector will have positive contributions to the trade volume between the countries and that they will discuss what they can do jointly in this context.

Turhan, in the coming years also expressed that Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina between economic and that improved trade relations and believes that stronger, "Our president closely followed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 'We attach great importance to the Belgrade-Sarajevo Highway Project. We also show our best efforts to realize the project. We will exchange views on this project, which is the main subject of our meeting. Görüş

Eler We are ready to share our experience with Bosnia and Herzegovina “

During the meeting, Turhan mentioned that they will discuss the steps to be taken in order to further develop relations in the fields of road, railway, maritime transport and civil aviation. said they would also consider the possibilities of cooperation in the field of substance transport.

telecommunication and communication systems in Turkey in recent years, in the field of electronic communications and Turhan reminiscent of the important steps within the scope of the provision of e-transformation in the public service, continued as follows:

Iz We are ready to share our experience and knowledge with Bosnia and Herzegovina. In our interview, we will also discuss our cooperation opportunities in the field of communication, including information projects, e-commerce. Guest Minister Jusko, 29 3 to be held in October in Istanbul. will also participate in airport opening. I would like to acknowledge our satisfaction with the fact that they accept our invitation and that they will be with us in this important day. Etim

”Belgrade-Sarajevo Motorway Project is of strategic importance“

The Minister of Communication and Transport of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ismir Jusko underlined that the 5C International Corridor is very important and strategic for Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Tir The Belgrade-Sarajevo Motorway Project is equally strategic for our country. This is not only a project for me but also a life for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Corridor 5C and Corridor 11C are important for the region, and this project is so important. This fast road will also connect the two largest industrial zones of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Corridor 5C and Corridor 11C. I would also like to thank President Erdoğan for his support. As the Ministry, we will be open to all kinds of support and assistance. Bakanlık

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