French Railway Workers Struck

railway workers in France continue to be the locomotive of the strike
railway workers in France continue to be the locomotive of the strike

Railway workers who opposed the new labor law draft in France went on strike. Due to the strike of railway workers who protested both the labor law draft and working conditions, two-thirds of the intercity train services could not be made.

Members of labor unions, who met in front of the French Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MEDEF) in the capital Paris, marched to Cumhuriyet Square. Thousands of demonstrators gathered in the square carried signs saying "No to the Law", "Withdraw the Law", "We deserve better".

Lutte Ouvriere Syndicate sözcü“A draft law dictated by MEDEF,” Nathalie Arthaud told Anadolu Agency (AA) about the government's draft law. I hope our action today will wake everyone up to react to the government's policies. There is no aspect of the draft law to be negotiated. The best thing to do is to withdraw the bill as soon as possible ”.

The draft was prepared by the government and boycotted the lessons. In a written statement from the Ministry of National Education, it was reported that students in the 90 high school nationwide prevented entry to schools.

16-year-old Dorian Moreal, one of the students who supported the demonstration in Cumhuriyet Square, said: “We came here to prevent the loss of vested rights with the new labor law. Many students have to work while continuing their education. The new law facilitates layoffs. This threatens the education and future of students, ”he said.

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