Metro and Ankaray flights back to normal in Ankara

Metro and Ankaray flights returned to normal in Ankara: subway and Ankaray flights in the capital Ankara have returned to normal, bus transportation is provided by alternative routes.
In the region that is closed to traffic due to the terrorist attack in Kızılay, metro and Ankaray flights are returning to normal, while buses are provided by alternative routes.
According to a written statement made by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the metro station which was closed for a short time due to the ongoing investigations at the scene was started to be loaded and unloaded from the 09.30 station at Kızılay Station.
Due to the closed entrance and exit of the Guvenpark, National Defense and Yuksel Street of Kizilay Metro Station, the passengers turn to the entrance and exits of Kizilay Business Center, Soysal Bazaar and Sakarya Street.
Transportation to EGO buses is provided by alternative routes, as Ataturk Boulevard is closed to traffic between Kızılay Crossroad and Akay Intersection.
Buses from Çankaya to Ulus, Meşrutiyet Caddesi-Mithatpaşa-Sıhhiye, and Ulus to Çankaya use the Necatibey Caddesi-Yahya Galip Street route.

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