Another Problem at Every Station of Ankara Metro

Another Problem at Each Station of Ankara Metro: The people of Başkent, who faced different problems at each station of the subway line that provides transportation service between Kızılay and Batıkent, reacted to the failure of escalators and the misuse of elevators.

Ankara Hurriyet, last week with the news of the ık Passengers out of derailment problem brought to the agenda with Ankaray Dikimevi and ASTI stations after the problems, between the subway stations between Kizilay and Batıkent photographed.
Citizens using the subway in some stations maintenance work on the maintenance of the elongation of the escalators escaping stairs and disabled lifts reacted to use outside the function. 1997 12 XNUMX XNUMX in different stops at the service of a different stop at almost every stop of the metro line has caused the complaint of the residents of Ankara. Citizens, a kind of escalator work that can not be finished, and some stops demanded to complete the repairs as soon as possible.


One of the most heavily used stations of the line is the escalator at the Mithatpaşa metro entrance of the Kızılay, which cannot be used due to maintenance and repair works. A mosque, lifts and turnstiles in the Kızılay are full of construction materials and a citizen's response to this project is dolu This building has become a construction warehouse rather than a metro stop ın. The cable hanging from the ventilation system in Ulus station scares the passengers and the electrical cables hanging from the ceiling at the Atatürk Cultural Center station have been wrapped in an iron pole, causing the reaction of the citizens.


The repairs made at the hospital station and the front of the elevator exit made it difficult for the passengers to enter the turnstile and the elevators. Disabled and older citizens are allocated to the elevator, indicating that the workers use the workers want to accelerate the work. The last station of the line in the Batıkent broken ceiling panels hanging from the cables hanging from the broken cables and the stairs that leave no trouble from the first stop from the last stop to worry about the stop, the metro was made to facilitate our lives, but apathy made our life difficult, "he said.

At the entrance of the Kızılay metro stop turnstiles, empty dog ​​huts with construction materials attracted the attention.

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