Project to relieve freight traffic

The project that will relieve the cargo traffic: The establishment of the Soma Centered Logistic Center and the Investigation of the Effects of Çandarlı Port and Istanbul Highway on the Provincial Economy Merkez The closing meeting of the project was held in Manisa. These roads, which will be made to be made, will significantly relax the problem of increasing freight traffic especially in İzmir-Manisa-Aliağa triangle.

Manisa Governor Erdoğan Bektaş, Rector of MCBÜ Dr. A. Kemal Çelebi, Deputy Governor of Manisa Şerafettin Tuğ, Soma District Governor Ahmet Altıntaş, Soma Mayor Hasan Ergene, Manisa Science Industry and Technology Province Director Assoc. Dr. Erbil Kalmış, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, CBU Dr. Prof. Dr. Enver Atik, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Dr. Mustafa Miynat, Zafer Development Agency Manisa Investment Support Office Coordinator Buket Turamanlar and related sector representatives attended. Speaking at the meeting Manisa Provincial Director of Science and Industry Technology Assoc. Dr. Erbil Kalmış stated that the purpose of the prepared report was to establish the pre-feasibility study of the logistics center, which was planned to be established in Soma, and that the logistics center to be established would have benefits for both the district and the region in terms of economic, employment and sectoral diversity.


Project research team Assoc. Dr. Çiğdem Sofyalıoğlu gave information about the results of the prepared report. The studies, results and suggestions were expressed as follows: ard With this project supported by Zafer Development Agency, the feasibility of the Logistics Center planned to be established in Soma was tried to be evaluated from various angles. The Istanbul-Izmir Motorway, which is under construction in Soma district, is located at a junction on the routes of Istanbul-Izmir and Bandirma-Izmir YHT projects which are continuing with the Northern Marmara Motorway. Furthermore, it is planned to extend these road and rail links from Soma to Çandarlı and Aliağa ports. Due to its strategic location on both railways and highways, these roads will further increase the importance of Soma and will significantly relieve the increasing load traffic problem in İzmir and its surroundings, especially in İzmir-Manisa-Aliağa triangle.


Soma district has an important place in the region export to the ports of Aliaga 87 km, North Aegean Çandarlı Port is located at a distance of 76 km. When the port with a depth of 18 m is completed, it will become an important base of transit transportation as a competitor in important transport ports such as GioTauro, Malta, Damietta, Alexandria, Haifa, Port Said and Piraeus in the Eastern Mediterranean due to its properties. Goods coming from the Middle East will be transported to Europe and other parts of the world via this port. Çandarlı port and it linked Soma logistics center, although the owner of the Silk Road in history to revive potential, on Turkey and the region is one of the major problems in the area of ​​transport Canakkale and ship traffic in the Bosphorus will also have a positive effect. In this way, the amount of cargo passing through the straits will decrease for both domestic and international destinations. Moreover, it can be said that the connection between Mersin Port and the Black Sea, which could rival Çandarlı and connection roads in this respect, increased the chance of both Çandarlı and Soma as a result of the suspension of Yenice Logistics Center.


Both the proximity to the regional ports, the railway and highway projects on the route and the connection of these routes to the Çandarlı and Aliağa ports, such as the planning of the Soma district, the region is planned to be established in the region makes it an attractive place for the logistics center. In addition, if the infrastructure of the existing OIZs in Soma and surrounding Kırkağaç, Akhisar is improved, the regional trade volume and the local demand for the logistics center in Soma will increase. An important advantage of Soma in terms of attracting investments is its advantage in the investment incentive system according to the surrounding provinces and regions. For example, investors who come to the region will be able to get better investment incentives than Bergama in the borders of Izmir, which are in the immediate vicinity. All these and similar advantages will also draw the production axis in the Marmara region in this direction. Therefore, production congestion in the Marmara region will be relieved in the long term.


The center is expected to have a size and infrastructure that can provide national and international logistics services. However, it is thought that the demand for the load can only be realized if a customs directorate is established in the center and the railway projects which are under construction are extended from Soma to Çandarlı and Aliağa harbors. It is thought that the studies of the Logistics Master Plan of the Country will start to be shaped within the 2016 year. The plan is to be completed within the next three years. If the Soma Logistics Center project, which is planned to be established in public-private partnership on the basis of possible developments, will be accepted in 2020 year and the construction is started, it can be expected to be operational in 2022 after completion of infrastructure and superstructure works within two years.

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