Mega Projects in Transportation

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, Turkey across about 150 billion liras made of the transport projects operate-transfer (BOT) said that model the structures, "Mr. President, our public by Recep Tayyip Erdogan 'crazy project' touted as Channel Istanbul and 3-storey Great Istanbul We will tender new BOT projects, including the Tunnel, in the coming period. T

Minister Turhan, development and improvement of Turkey's transportation infrastructure safer, high quality and economical they had implemented many projects for submission of transport services and said they would continue to spend.

Turhan said that the 385 bin 3 project, which has a total of 443 billion pounds throughout the country, has been continuing in the project.

Turhan, Turkey in general by drawing attention to what they did with the BOT transport projects in the amount of about 150 billion pounds, "from abroad to finance these projects 15 billion euros in loans were provided." He said.

Country one by one of these mega projects will make a hub in transportation Turhan stressed that implementation was reminiscent of BOT projects will be located at the beginning enter Turkey's pride project Istanbul's New Airport 29 service in October.

Turhan, Malkara-Gelibolu-Lapseki Motorway which includes the passage of the Dardanelles Strait, indicating that the work is going to form a ring in the Marmara Region, 1915 said that the Çanakkale Bridge will be put into service at 2022.

Turhan stated that Ankara-Niğde Motorway is one of the important projects realized with the BOT model that will provide uninterrupted access to Şanlıurfa from Edirne and said that this project is still working intensively to enter the service of citizens in 2020.

Turhan, Istanbul-Izmir, Northern Marmara, Izmir-Candarli highway continue to work with the same model was passed.

”The main goal is to rise above the level of the contemporary civilizations“

Turkey is now emphasizing that self-financing economic credibility to come use the BOT model in transportation projects with the advantages of Turhan, they will tender in the new BOT projects the future and important projects said they would do with this method.

Mr. Turhan stated that they will evaluate the appropriations in other areas without using public finance and will continue their investments.

Iz We will implement the channel part of the Kanal Istanbul Project, which was launched by our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as the esi crazy project kısm in the 2011, with the BOT or Build-and-Rent-Transfer models. In the Channel Istanbul Project, which is also included in the 100 Daily Executive Program, the bridges to be built by the General Directorate of Highways will be made by public sources. The same time, the 3 Decked Istanbul Grand Tunnel is one of the mega projects to be implemented with the BOT model. Aynı

Turkey to the public because of some external attacks carried out in recent years, especially in order to create negative perceptions 'which parts of investments, delayed and even stopped to' direction Turhan striking allegations put forward, reported that reflect the truth of these claims.

Turhan, ministry of the investment budget to be effective and efficient prioritizing by expressing, "as the transport community, our main goal is to provide better, more useful service, to prepare our country for the future, the future is to rise above the level of contemporary civilizations." He said.

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