TCDD made a statement about the train accident in Izmir

TCDD made a statement about the train accident in Izmir: Denizli-Basmane, a wagon of the regional passenger train, Pancar Station Cumaovası out of the way out of the scissors.

The General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) stated that a car of the regional passenger train between Denizli and Basmane had gone out of the way in the Pancar Station.

According to the written statement made by TCDD, a wagon of the 32260-time regional passenger train, which is provided with Diesel Train Set (DMU) between Denizli and Basmane, is off the road at the exit station of Pancar Station Cumaovası.

No one from the passenger and train personnel was injured due to the accident.

Passengers traveling between Cumaovasi and Torbali are provided by highway vehicles.

Due to the incident, the railway between Pancar and Cumaovasi was closed to the train and departing. On the road, the closed railroad is opened to the railway operations.

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