Train rail and cable thieves caught in Dursunbey

Train track and cable thieves were caught in Dursunbey: As a result of the follow-up and work of the gendarmerie and police headquarters teams in Dursunbey for about a year, the suspects who stole the train tracks were caught.

According to information obtained, depending on the district of the neighborhood passing through the State Railways and the State Railways suspect TE, Ş.K. and A.Ö. He was arrested. According to the statements of the captured persons, a scrap dealer in the district was excavated. As a result of the excavation, the 6 tonal rail was seized inside the scrap refrigerator. Rails were delivered to the State Railways authorities.

The suspects were released pending trial by the court reportedly.

In addition, in the district by climbing the phone poles and a thief who stole the cables caught caught red-handed. İ.K, caught in the rush, was handed over to the authorities in the 570 meter telephone cable seized while being detained.

It was stated that İ.K was arrested and sent to prison.

Günceleme: 03/12/2018 16:58

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  1. What kind of legal system is this? Doesn't a normal citizen need to be able to understand this system that tries to be a good citizen?
    1.Play: Ray players are caught on suspicion, scrapper is excavated in the direction of expression and 6 tons of rail is seized. In a fridge (or?) Alın The HIRSIZLAR, whose statements were taken, are released pending trial. 2. In the incident; In the same district, the phone wire is caught in the crime, and after his statement, he is imprisoned.
    Do you think there is no disability, anomaly or abnormality in this legal system? Or is there a subtle nuance difference between the first and second events that normal mortals like us cannot understand?
    Or we can't question him? Even if it is a real smart, if it makes a reasonable statement yap Or did I say, I'm over; after all, we ”exist for the citizens' state bizde not the other way around. Dr.rer.nat. In his opening speech at the Peace-Conference in 1936, A. Einstein said: Barış For the people of the state, the people are not for the state. Otherwise, the state can not biz discourse, we still do not have more?