7 Russia

Russia establishes railway tangent to Ukraine

Russia builds a railway tangent to Ukraine: It is reported that the Russian Armed Forces Railways Unit has started to build a two-way railway outside Ukraine. The new railway will connect the Voronezh Region and the Rostov Region. İtar Tass News on the subject [more…]

Intercity Railways

TTK will rent the locomotive

TCC will hire locomotive: Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises (TTK), the full-empty coal wagons for transport tender process, will hire locomotive. Between the coal loading area of ​​the lavatory belonging to TTK Karadon Directorate and TCDD Çatalağzı station area, the coal wagons are [more…]

15 Burdur

Menderes neighborhood will not stay in dust

Menderes Quarter dust will not stay in the soil: Burdur Municipality Press Bürüsu'nin Menderes neighborhood with the description of the most convenient point that connects the city center around the Fatih Mosque under the dual-lane underpass is planned and project prepared, Burdur [more…]

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