Refugees in Hakkar

Refugees are cleansed in Hakkari: The Directorate of Environment and Sanitation of Hakkari Municipality cleans the garbage accumulated in the city's refuges. Soil and litter that accumulate in winter from the city center and from the winter in the total 5 kilometer road route on the ring road [more…]


Relay on the highway

Dent on the highway in interest: A dent occurred on the D-300 highway in the Ilgın district of Konya. When a tradesman on the roadside noticed the dent on the D-300 Highway, he reported the situation to the 32nd Branch Chief of Highways. Why pouring rain and melting snow in high altitudes [more…]


District Governor examined the Atasoy highway

Governor Atasoy examined the highway: Malazgirt District Governor Abdullah Atakan Atasoy made examinations on the Malazgirt-Patnos highway with Fehim Altıntaş, 116th Branch Chief of Highways. Atasoy said that after the examination, the double road work between Malazgirt and Patnos Bulanik will be completed by 2017. Of Malazgirt [more…]


Signalization System Replacement Paralyzed Traffic

Changing the signaling system Paralyzed the Traffic: Switching off the roads for a short time due to the change of the signaling system in Sanliurfa paralyzed the traffic. Signalization system located at the Abide junction, which connects Sanliurfa to the surrounding provinces, re-determined road routes and signaling system points [more…]

20 Egypt

Armed attack on the train in Egypt

Armed attack on trains in Egypt: 5 soldiers were injured as a result of armed attacks on trains in Egypt. According to the information obtained from the police sources, in the attack organized in the "Beni Hadir" region on the train carrying soldiers and ammunition to the city of Beni Suwayf in the south of the capital Cairo. [more…]


Cars Enter Tramway Stop

The Automobile Entered the Tram Stop: In Kayseri, a car went off the road and entered the tram stop. According to the information obtained, the car with 23 AK 636 plate on Talas Boulevard entered the tram stop after the driver lost his control of the steering wheel. Tram in the accident without injuries [more…]


RayHaber 02.04.2015 Tender Bulletin

Vehicle with driver will be rented, field floor concrete pouring will be done (TÜDEMSAŞ) Maintenance and repair service will be taken Free Wheel of Ankara Metro Trains will be purchased Maintenance and repair service will be taken (Ankara - İnönü Line Section High Speed [more…]


Free internet on tram

Free internet on tram: Gaziantep started to implement the smart city concept with Turkcell. In the city, many innovations have been implemented in the tram, from free internet to smart meter. This is expected to save millions of pounds. cities in Turkey, continues to akıllandırıl equipped with the technology. that [more…]

49 Germany

Logistics World Meet at FIATA Meeting

The World of Logistics met at the FIATA Meeting: The FIATA Central Meeting, which brought together the actors of the logistics world, was held in Zurich. The UTIKAD Delegation met with the representatives of the global logistics sector in Zurich to discuss the cooperation efforts needed for the future of the sector. [more…]

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