78 Karabuk

Keltepe Ski Center Tender

Keltepe Ski Center Tender: AK Party deputy Osman Kahveci Karabük, Keltepe Ski Center completed the tender for the construction of the digging will be shot. On the one hand, Karabük Deputy Osman continues to work intensively in the parliament [more…]

43 Kütahya

3 star hotel on Mount Murat

Murat Mountain '3 star hotel: Gediz Mayor Mehmed Ali Saraoğlu, Murat Mountain Thermal Ski Center 3 star hotel will be made reported. Saraoglu, told reporters, the ski resort to date [more…]


MOTAŞ Certifies Quality

MOTAŞ certifies its quality: Tamgacı belgel We certify our public transportation service in accordance with our human-oriented business policy kalite Quality management training for our employees within the framework of the change we initiated six months ago for better and better quality service [more…]

34 Istanbul

Description of the Ministry of Marmaray

Ministry of Marmaray description: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry, "Marmaray Money Fight" regarding the allegations, "with the company performing the construction work 'money fight' to talk about a situation like entering both in Turkey and the [more…]


Railway Reform Book

The Railway Reform Book: The European railway market has been an important reform topic in the last two decades. However, there are significant changes in this regard in Europe. Some countries started this process about 20 years ago. [more…]