Olive Branches Thrown into the Sea Prevented BUDO Ferry Expedition

Olive branches thrown into the sea prevented BUDO Ferry: The olive branches thrown into the sea in Mudanya district of Bursa broke the engine of the BUDO Ferry, passengers had to be brought back to the pier.

BUDO officials warned the olives that the olive branches should not be thrown into the water.

The BUDO ferry, which carried passengers from Bursa to Istanbul at 09.00, broke down shortly after leaving the pier as a result of the olive branches thrown into the sea causing engine failure. The captain said to the passengers that they would return to the engine that it was malfunctioning. After the ferry, which experienced panic in the middle of the sea, approached the pier, tens of passengers took a breath. Passengers are delayed by another ferry an hour KabataşThey moved to.

BURULAŞ officials, who warned the olives in Mudanya, asked that no olive branch be thrown into the sea. "It is time to prune olive trees in and around Mudanya every year on these dates, and it is seen that olives throw branches and pieces of wood into the sea from time to time." BUDO ships also work by absorbing and pressing the water with the waterjet system, taking the solid substance in the water it absorbs and squeezing it between the wings, this prevents the engine from running regularly and makes it vibrate ”.

09.00:XNUMX in the morning Mudanya-Kabataş In the explanation that clarified the problem experienced at the time, it was stated that “due to this problem occurring at the breakwater mouth, it was obliged to return and transfer the passenger to another ship and the flight was delayed.”

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