Turkey's Longest 2. Tunnel to Antalya

Turkey's Longest 2. Tunnel Antalya in Progress: Former Transport Minister Elven, to the west of Antalya is Turkey's longest xnumx'inc be in operation for the construction of highway tunnels, he said. Former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan, West of Antalya [more…]


South leaves Raman on the way

South Raman road obstacle: 14 Kilometer of the South Raman ring road to reach the road with the villagers saying they went to the road, Deputy Regional Director of Highways Ihsan Power; Ik In the expropriation, we settled with the new village residents. The same suggestion Balpınar [more…]

16 Bursa

Silk pillow

The police barrier to the silkworm: After the commencement of the voyage in Bursa, the Ipekböceği tram, which led to great turmoil in transportation, was disrupting the vehicles that the citizens often left on the route. If he stopped the silkworm's voyage this time, there were cops who had to prevent the faulty parks! the Silkworm [more…]