In the IZBAN crisis, Delicandan CHPye 5 salver

In the IZBAN crisis, Delicandan CHPye 5 salvo: The workers have passed 1 weeks indefinitely. Irritating the people of Izmir and paralyzing traffic in the city does not stop about the water. Finally; Chairman of the AK Party Izmir Provincial Chairman Bülent Delican quiet talks with all parties and the search for a formula came up, Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu and CHP Provincial Chairman Asuman Ali Guven was targeted by Delican.

AK Party Chairman of Izmir Province Bulent Delican; Reacting to the target as the most innocent solution seeker of an uncontrolled crisis, he made a statement titled 5. Delican said in a statement; As the CHP and local administration have been looking for scapegoats in this problem of Izmir, as it has been for many years; Atma They mislead the agenda, they take refuge in the excuses, they are trying to throw their responsibilities away. Let me try to put an end to the second week of the strike that they will see as my fatigue in my sincerely and implicitly searched solution. Ikinci

Here is the answer to the 5 clause given by Bülent Delican, Chairman of the AK Party in İzmir Province

1) The scapegoat didn't bother to look for excuses.
EIA to garbage and the marketplace; They didn't get tired of looking for scapegoats in every question they couldn't solve with their skills in Izmir. They're not tired of making excuses. Our Prime Minister Mr. Binali Yıldırım and our ministers have solutions and support. But when they were confronted with a crisis, they came to their jobs to create a villain character, they showed us the target. And now; They are doing this in the İZBAN crisis. They're keeping an eye on endless strike, compromise and escaping the solution. They're trying to get out of the business by calling scapegoat. Izmir has lived a lot, now its belly is full.

2) A CHP classic is taking place
AK Party; 15 has been working for years with successes and investments. Izmir will do for you, will do. At every opportunity, instead of targeting the AK Party power; correct account and correct communication. We wish to finish the subcontractor in Izmir; You will not be able to make a collective agreement, as you can not, you will sabotage those who seek solutions on this issue. 'Wow Bülent Delican how to negotiate with the parties, what is in pursuit' you will say. No, don't spoil it. There is a CHP classic and Izmir is losing. Instead of playing with public perception and settings, they should try to establish dialogue with workers and company partners. Get a solution. Is it so difficult to share and persuade the parties of the loss? But of course, this is a matter of intent!

3) I recommend to Mr. Güven X
CHP Provincial Chairman Asuman Ali Guven says; Da İZBAN is a joint company with the state and they have the weight. Delican has the expectation of political rent. If the AK Party wanted it, there would be no strike AK. First of all, the biggest difference between us and our CHP is that; while I was intervening between the parties to solve a crisis that turned Izmir into a haunting mass of millions of people; themselves, according to the type of politician used by Mr.

Even; implying that the government can hinder the strike in the context of the OHAL, they have shown how separate they are with the working-working class they claim to be with them. Moreover, beyond the bilateral talks I sincerely do; He has done downright politics on the IZBAN crisis. My advice to Mr. Guven is; The last thing we discussed in one of the projects discussed in Izmir, such as Culture Park, meeting with the parties, without any ideas in the minds of the public opinion does not declare any opinion.

4) The issue is not a matter of Aziz Bey.
İZBAN; It is a project that has been realized together with the central administration and the local administration consisting of different parties, and it has been awarded in order to develop a culture of reconciliation and work together from Europe. And the average 300 per day is a transport model carrying over Izmir. Mr. Aziz Kocaoğlu is not the only one responsible for the crisis faced today. Neither I nor any of the other officials of our party has been a sign of that.

When this is the case; One of the three outpatients in the İZBAN crisis, I find it difficult for my husband to understand his demand for an appointment for the solution of the problem and his inclination to expand and expand the trade union visit that I have realized for the same purpose. Kocaoğlu, who has not criticized directly the arrival of the İZBAN crisis at this point, has escaped the dialogue and sabotaging our solution efforts and became the first responsible of the crisis. What we have not forgotten, and should not be forgotten, is that the head of the CHP in Izmir, no matter how far away from the climate of dialogue and tolerance, is the matter; Aziz Kocaoglu or TCDD is not a matter; Topyekun is the bir İzmir issue el which is condemned to a major traffic incidence.

5) I'm still in the same place X
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu; if we had not deciphered the phone call and sabotaged it, I was willing to be an ordinary 'mediator' without any political intentions on behalf of the people of Izmir in this crisis. As they say; I wanted to be the one who didn't confuse Izmir. Still today; I continue to believe that the solution is dialogue and tolerance.

Mr. President Aziz Kocaoğlu although he tries to cast us a role; 15 as the provincial president of a party that has successfully managed this country for years; I would like to know that I will be working for the solution by getting up from my seat and discussing with the parties of the problem.

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