15 Burdur

Lütfi Elvan gave a date for Burdur YHT

Lütfi Elvan gave a date for Burdur YHT: Former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, AK Party Antalya Deputy Candidate Lütfi Elvan, for the high-speed train to Burdur, "We do not wait for 2023, we start in 2016." [more…]

35 Izmir

Konak tram line route changed

The route of the Konak tram line has changed: It was announced that the tram project planned to be built in Konak district of Izmir was taken to Mithatpaşa Street in order to protect the green areas. Konak, the new rail system project in Izmir, and Karşıyaka the tram [more…]


Metro Evaluation of Citizens by Konyali

Konya Citizens Metro Assessment: On Friday, the Prime Minister came to Konya. Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu, Konya will meet the metro line, saying, gave great gladness to the people of Konya. Citizens approach this gospel from a very different angle [more…]


High-speed train to the Black Sea

Good news of high-speed train to the Black Sea: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Enver Yılmaz announced that the Ministry of Transport carried out a feasibility study for the implementation of the high-speed train project in Ordu. Yılmaz said that in 2018-2019, if the works go well, [more…]

06 Ankara

Yht Fire Station in Ankara

Fire in the construction of Yht Ankara Railway Station: High Speed ​​Train Station in Ankara is under construction. High-Speed ​​Train Station construction in Ankara, a fire broke out in the construction area. Fire [more…]

965 Iraq

Wagons for Iraq Railroads

Wagons Produced for Iraqi Railways Set Out: 14 passenger wagons produced by Türkiye Vagon Sanayi A.Ş (TÜVASAŞ) for Iraqi State Railways (IRR) were loaded and shipped from Derince Port. TÜVASAŞ Deputy General Manager [more…]