Asphalt News

All roads will be modernized

All Roads to be Modernized in Error: Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs teams, throughout the province maintenance and repair work continues. Warm from Antakya Kavaslı Bridge to Honda Junction [more…]

Asphalt News

Osmangazide Roads Renewed

Roads are being renewed in Osmangazi: Osmangazi Municipality continues its asphalting works on the old and deteriorated roads in the district. Ulu Mahalle streets before the municipal teams with milling machines, then asphalted the roads scraped. Countywide [more…]


Canakkale Bridge ring will be asked

The Canakkale Bridge will be asked to the public: A new stage has been reached in the bridge and highway project that will connect Europe and Asia continents through the Dardanelles. General Directorate of Highways, Environmental and Urban Planning [more…]

Asphalt News

The ring road is asphalted

Aydında ring road is asphalted: Aydın Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, the city's important arteries are working on the ring road asphalt hot. On the cobblestone boulevard which is deformed due to heavy traffic [more…]


Logistics management and logistics in the career panel

Logistics management and career panel in logistics: akya Career in logistics management and logistics ”panel was organized by Trakya University Career Research and Application Center. The opening speech of the panel in the meeting hall of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences [more…]

53 Rize

Rizede ski tourism

Ski tourism in Rizede: The thick layer of snow that does not melt in the high parts of Rize allows ski lovers to ski in April. The thick layer of snow that does not melt in the high parts of Rize allows ski-lovers to ski in April [more…]

06 Ankara

Fast Train Winged

High-speed train was winged: THY and TCDD signed a cooperation with YHT personnel to provide passenger training. With the protocol, Turkish Airlines flight miles and high speed train tickets can be purchased. THY [more…]