38 Kayseri

Skiing in Erciyeste at night

Enjoy night skiing at Erciyes ski season in Turkey and Europe while closing, are still experiencing enjoy night skiing at Erciyes. In accordance with the demands of the hotels, they run the mechanical facilities at night and ski lovers have the opportunity to ski. [more…]

36 Kars

Kids celebrated 23 skiing by April

Children celebrated 23 April by skiing: Primary school students skied in the 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day activities in the Sarıkamış district of Kars. 23 April National Sovereignty in the Sarıkamış district of Kars [more…]

58 Sivas

A meteorological observation station is being built

Meteorological observation station is being established on Yıldız Mountain: Meteorological observation station will be established at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center. Unmanned automatic measuring the temperature and snow thickness of Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center [more…]

34 Istanbul

Description of Baku Channel

Minister of Channel Istanbul statement: Finance Minister Simsek, “Channel Istanbul project instead of budgetary resources can be made by public-private cooperation is being abused. Opposition spokesmen will try to twist my statements and twist, to deceive the nation [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus doping to Beylikdüzü

Metrobus doping in Beylikdüzü: Metro and metrobus, which provides great convenience in public transportation, multiply the value of the regions it goes to. One of these regions is Beylikdüzü. Akkuş Group President Abdülkadir Akkuş has already announced that square meter prices have already been increased by 3-4. [more…]