34 Istanbul

Removing the metrobus overpass in Bahcelievler

The metrobus overpass in Bahçelievler is being removed: The metrobus overpass in Bahçelievler has been removed as part of the renovation works carried out by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) teams, Bahçelievler metrobus overpass, more comfortable transportation service to Istanbul residents [more…]

Intercity Railways

Young Girl Under The Island

Adaray Under the Young Girl's Foot Koptu: An accident occurred in the rail system in Sakarya. Admittedly, a person who was a high school student was staying under Adaray and his leg was severed. [more…]


White Carrier Support to Kars Tourism

Support for Kars Tourism with White Wagon: Kazim Karabekir Pasha's “White Wagon Kars in Kars was taken to tourism destination in order to increase the tourism potential of the region and especially to enable Russian tourists to visit the region more. Russia [more…]