Countdown started for Tonami Square crossroad project

The countdown has started for the Tonami Square bridge crossroads project: Yalova Mayor Vefa Salman announced that they will start the dismantling and cutting of trees as a municipality for the bridge-crossing project at Tonami Square. Salman, the Highways will take a tender in December, he said.
Salman, in the context of the bridge junction project at the Tonami Square, announced the removal of the 158 tree in the region. Soon the trees will begin dismantling and some of the trees are not technically possible to dismantle voicing Salman, ya That tree is already 19. 100-120 centimeter trees. 30 has centrifugation technology. 19 tree maalefes to be cut. Instead, we will erect the number of trees that need to be planted. When I visited TEMA, there was something very important that Hayrettin Khan said. 'If the public interest and the trees to be cut are not in the woods, the trees will be cut' he said. In this country there is no human being who claims to be environmentalist from Karaca and is a tree-loving. It was important for me to say that, Onun he said.
Salman, Highways 14. He stated that the Regional Directorate is continuing its works and that he will take the tender in December. Salman said, UM We prepared the plans for the area where 400-bed State Hospital will be built. We expect the Ministry of Health to apply. Our technical personnel have completed the preparation of the necessary plan preparations of the 4 acre land consisting of 340 zoning island under the chairmanship of Deputy President Mehmet Erdem. The 200 cycle of the land is reserved for the hospital building, which is expected to be built in 3. The 70 cycle, which is not suitable for building, was reserved for parking. Our technical team planned to protect the 26 acre commemorative pine forest in front of the gendarmerie for the protection of green as well as the green space needed by the hospital and to be included in the hospital land. Considering the heavy traffic flow that will occur in the roads passing through and around the said parcel, it was increased from 15 to 20 meters. The opinions of other public institutions and organizations were taken and the plans were submitted to the approval of the Municipal Assembly. We expect the application of the Ministry of Health Sağlık.

Günceleme: 03/12/2018 16:53

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