Istanbul Bridge Conference Brings Experts Together

3 International Istanbul Kopru Conference was held
3 International Istanbul Kopru Conference was held

Istanbul Bridge Conference Brought Together Experts: The General Manager of Highways, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, who spoke at the Istanbul Bridge Conference, brought together many local and foreign experts, 3. Bosphorus Bridge and İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge

3 one of Turkey's most important transportation project. The Bosphorus and Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge are being discussed at the Istanbul Bridge Conference.

Speaking at the conference, General Director of Highways Mehmet Cahit Turhan, the idea of ​​crossing the Asian and European side of the century adorns the dream, and this dream was first realized by the construction of the Bosphorus Bridge in 1973. 25 2 years later. Turhan, 3. 3 with bridge. stressed that the throat would be passed.

Turkey also mentioned another important bridge project from the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge Turhan, he told the 433 km long bridge will be continued in the construction work.

In the organization, many main topics, from the developments in bridge construction techniques to the construction of bridges, were discussed.

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