The joy of Zigana Tunnel in Gümüşhane

The joy of Zigana Tunnel in Gümüşhane: PRESIDENT Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to Gümüşhane yesterday after he made a statement about the new Zigana Tunnel with a double tube. Cahit Turhan and made investigations in the region.
Selahattin Bayramchavus, Regional Director of Highways Trabzon, was visited on the site of the Ministry, including the employees of the Ministry. AK Party Deputy Feramuz Superior, in his statement, "one of Turkey's longest tunnel in the direction and patronage of our President Zigana Tunnel, the hope will be that we will tender in November 10. This tunnel that connects the region will make it easier to make the transportation easier. After the rally, we examined the ring road and tunnels made by the President on our site. Even at the intensity of the rally day, we were very happy to think about our projects, to think about Gümüşhaneeli and Gümüşhane. I hope that the tender will be completed as soon as the people will be opened to service, "he said.
The superior, also "President Erdogan's visit to Gumushane filling the rally area, all districts, towns and villages flock flock to listen to the President of the Republic, I would like to thank all of our fellow citizens," he said.

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