Saklıkent skiers are waiting

📩 24/11/2018 13:48

Saklıkent is waiting for skiers: The first snow fell on Bakırlıtepe at an altitude of 47 meters, which forms the summit of the ski center Saklıkent at an altitude of 1900 meters, 2 kilometers from the city center of ANTALYA.

Saklıkent summit is covered with snow clouds indicating that Saklıkent Ski Resort Hotel Manager Bayram Dincer, snowfall on the slopes of the cuts of high-quality snowfall in the rain expected to fall within a few days, he said. 4 is the season With the snow coming in December, Saklıkent opens the season early and aims to say hello to the season earlier this year. According to the meteorological data, the rainfall in Antalya and surrounding areas in December, thanks to the high peak of the mountains to cover the cover of the white tidings.

Saklıkent, one of the popular centers of the region with its slopes, telesexics and social facilities suitable for snowboarding and skiing, ranks first among the city residents with its proximity to Antalya city center. Professional tracks as well as amateur skiers with appropriate tracks is remarkable.

Stating that the snow that falls once is not enough for skiing, Dinçer said, “The first snow forms the basis of the ground. We do the compression process. After two or three days of snowfall means we can fully open the tracks. "I think we will give good news to our skiers towards the second week of December this season." Dinçer emphasized that they will sign different activities with the Antalya Ski Specialization Youth and Sports Club, of which they are a member, in the winter season, and said, "Different competitions and training programs will be held in Saklıkent."