Investment Turkey with 48 billion euros, will be a Winter Sports Center

Investment Turkey with 48 billion euros, Winter Sports Center will be: Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits, "A Model for Economic Development; Skiing Sport ", the project in the coming period and shared with the public at a press conference organized by the goals they set as Turkey Ski Federation. TKF Chairman Benefit,, An Economic Development Model; The project titled. Ski Sports ıl emphasized that there are basically two pillars, while providing the necessary support in cooperation with the clubs for the training of athletes, while emphasizing the need to focus on investment. Turkey's spread 12 year will be held with 48 billion euro investment, indicating that it might become a winter sports center and could join a very small number among the countries that held the Winter Olympics in the world for geographical reasons Benefits "48 billion euros for a very reasonable amount of investment for the year 12 ... Istanbul ' We are talking about an investment equal to only two airport investments, such as the new airport. da

Skiing is the only sport that provides regional development

Turkey Ski Federation Executive Committee members at the meeting held with the participation of ski sports in the world and in Turkey; Erol Yarar, President of TKF, who talked about the contribution of winter sports to the economy, especially in terms of the number of athletes, number of races, number of ski runs and number of lifts and economic return, and the contribution of winter sports to the economy. back in the year. Austria's most important source of income, for example, is winter tourism and skiing. Austria's population is only 7 Million, the GNP is 8.4 Billion Euro and the total return to the Austrian economy of skiing is 309.9 billion Euros.

Winter sports can be done only from the 3.000 10 mountain in Turkey

3.000 mountain in Turkey, but it was more than just winter sports may be done in addressing them 10 Benefits "to ski mountains in Turkey is very convenient. In our country, 2.000 m has an 166 mountain, 3.000 m has an 137 mountain and 4.000 m has an 4 mountain. However, we cannot evaluate our potential. Turkey, 2.5 million euros Ski Federation has a low budget and financial power than in Western European countries, "he said.

Turkey Investment Projections 2023 48 billion euros

Turkey's 2023 years in a winter sports center and the Winter Olympics candidate location may be for a while athlete raising a hand in President TKFEN highlighted the importance of making the necessary investments Erol Benefits, the state of these investments, local authorities and said the private sector should be done in cooperation with . In terms of benefit, investment areas and quantities yatırım 5.000 Billion Euro for 18,5 hotel investment, 100 Billion Euro for infrastructure investments in 15 region, 100 Billion Euro for 1.000 lift investment in 5,6 region, 5 Billion Euro for mountain processing machines, promotion, training and 4,1 Billion Euro for schools, and 250 Million Euro projection for the region's ski hospitals. The total investment is 12 Billion Euro in 48.450 per year. This figure is equal to the investment of only two airports such as the third airport to Istanbul and we are talking about an annual projection of 12. Bu

Turkey Ski Federation's objectives 2023

Turkey Ski Federation since April as they took over management work they perform a very serious and long-term goals of the President determines that expresses TKF Benefits, tkf'n's "A Model for Economic Development; The 2023 targets developed within the framework of the Ski Sport project were as follows:

- The development of winter sports centers in the regions suitable for winter sports will be coordinated and the development of winter tourism and winter sports will be provided in these regions.
- 4 million people in Turkey, athletes and / or will be integrated with skiing as a spectator.
- 100 R & D works will be completed and will be delivered to the government to ensure 5.000 hotel and 275.000 bed capacity in the region.
- All technical projects will be prepared and implementation coordination will be provided for the actual establishment of a highly developed sample region in international standards.
- 30 Regional (Balkan-Asia-Europe) Championship and 10 World Championship will be hosted.
- 10 billion euros per year will be led to the formation of the sector by generating revenue.
- 500.000 new employment will be created.
- the industry that allows the construction of ski sports by creating infrastructure 1 billion a year in Turkey parallel to the formation of a $ will create a new industry.
- 13,5 million tourists a year will be evaluated potential.
- Turkey will aspire to the Winter Olympics.
- The 3 Winter Sports Academy will be established and operated.
- Turkey's winter sports infrastructure development will be completed in the first 10 into the world, medals will be established athletes training system
- 100.000 national and international athletes to be trained. Infrastructure works to carry the athletes to the Olympic level will be completed.
- All clubs will be brought up to international standards. Federation, club and athlete communication will be made continuous and healthy.