Logistics center from China to Europe

Logistics Center from China to Europe: LOGISTICS that they have made significant investments in the field of Capital Ankara Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) President Şadi Türk, "all the industrialists from Ankara to direct products from China to the west, from the west to Europe by using the railway," he said .

BAŞKENT Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) President Şadi Türk, indicating that the work is continuing to establish one of the largest logistics centers, “When the logistics center is completed, all the industrialists from Ankara will be able to deliver their products directly from China to China, from the West to the whole of Europe by using the railway BAŞ.


Capital Organized Industrial Zone, Capital Capital Ankara in work as an industrial city that can be a model in Turkey that makes the production of gösteriyor.hal the 175 industrial plant, once completed medium and large-scale capital 500 will begin operating the factory OSB, one of the major industrial centers of the defense industry is concentrated. . We established an OSB which they dreamed without laying more foundations, imiz he said. Ti We established not only an industrial city we dreamed of but also a livable industrial city. Türk


Turkey Sadi, is a modern industrial city with the capital structure of the upper and lower OSB thus stated that drew the attention of Turkey's most popular company. The region's production facilities in various areas, especially in the II stage of the defense industry base in the direction of the steps walking on the path of the Turkish, "Military Electronics Industry ASELSAN and HAVELSAN in particular, more than one firm working in the defense industry, took place at the Capital OSB," he said.
Şadi Türk stated that they have always realized the firsts in accordance with the target of Başkent OSB and that they established the first conventional treatment plant in the OIZs in Başkent Ankara. Taking into account the problems experienced in finding facilities in the region, Gazi University, together with Gazi University, stated that they have established a Vocational High School with a demand capacity, and the President of Başkent Organized Industrial Zone said: e We solve all the needs of the region within ourselves. We achieved this success with our participants without taking a penny from the state. Devlet

Largest logistics center location

BAŞKENT OSB's objectives will not end in any time, expressing that they continue to work for some of the projects in this framework, said: alar One of the largest logistics centers in the capital OSB to establish a joint work with the DDY continues. When the logistics center is completed, not only Ankara OSB participant but all the industrialists in Ankara will be able to transport their products directly from east to China, from the west to all European countries by using the railway. Lojistik

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