Bursa YHT line studies

Bursa YHT line studies: AK Party Bursa Provincial Chairman Torun: uc Yenişehir-Vezirhan-Bilecik line, due to the soft structure of the soil structure due to geological and technical studies, depending on the decision, there may be some shifts in the connection points Bursa

Bursa Chairman of the AK Party Cemalettin Torun, Bursa High Speed ​​Train (YHT) on the work in the line, "Yenişehir-Vezirhan-Bilecik line, due to the soft soil structure as a result of geological and technical studies, according to the decision, the connection points may be partly shifts," he said.

Torun, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, Bursa YHT project is extremely important for the city, saying that they wanted to reach YHT'e a moment ago.

Ankara-Istanbul line from Bilecik to connect to the 105 kilometer project, between Bursa-Yenişehir in the 75 kilometer part of the Torun, indicating that no trouble and change, in the Yenişehir-Vezirhan-Bilecik 30 kilometer of the soil structure due to the softness of the troubles, he said. Torun, said:

Kar Due to the softness of the soil structure in Yenişehir-Vezirhan-Bilecik line due to geological and technical studies, there may be partial shifts in the connection points. As a result of this shift, the current line may be approaching İnegöl, but this may be the result of technical studies of the ministry officials. What is important for us is to ensure that the high-speed train comes from Ankara to Bursa. Bizim

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