Baro Konak Establishes Commission for Tunnel Victims

Baro Konak Founded the Commission for Tunnel Victims: IZMIR Bar Association established a commission to give legal support to the citizens who were victims of rent for the houses expropriated and evacuated in Kadriye, Çimentepe and Damlacık districts due to the construction works, who were victims of rent, who had cracks in their homes and who opposed expropriation.
Some houses in Kadriye, Çimentepe and Damlacık districts above the Konak Tunnels, which were under construction, were expropriated immediately with the decision of the Council of Ministers due to the risk of collapse. The tenants living in these houses were allegedly promised to pay their rents between 450 and 650 liras to the municipality during the meetings held for a year. Both landlords and tenants then evacuated the houses. However, as promised, the tenants who stated that their rental fees were not paid and that they were victims, and the owners of the buildings whose houses were not expropriated but whose houses were not expropriated, and those who opposed the expropriation, applied to Izmir Bar Association for legal assistance.
Stating that they learned that the citizens who applied to the Highways regarding the rent prices were directed to the company that built the tunnel, İzmir Bar Association President Aydın Özcan said, “The victim citizens came and met with us. The grievances of those who have been damaged during tunnel works in their homes can be eliminated by determining this situation by experts. Lawsuits could not be brought against the immediate expropriation of risky buildings. But an annulment of the Constitutional Court regarding the sanding gave hope for the victims to sue. The commission will work on these issues and help citizens who are victims of Konak Tunnels. He will go to the neighborhoods in this region and make observations ”.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 16:53

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