Seydişehir residential areas are paved asphalt

Seydişehir housing districts are paved: Seydişehir District Municipality of Konya, Alaylar District of the districts of the hot asphalt pouring the roads of the area.
Seydişehir Municipality and Konya Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with the asphalting initiated in the districts of the districts of the districts are re-made with hot asphalt roads. Residents who have been using maintenance-free and damaged roads for many years, the residents of Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Seydişehir Municipality have started to be rebuilt with high quality asphalt that can be used for many years.
Seydişehir Mayor Mehmet Tutal, who examined the works on site, stated that the roads of the housing area have been neglected for a long time and said, “As a result of the negotiations with the Metropolitan Municipality, the asphalting works were started before the winter. We are trying to complete the deterioration of the main streets of Seydişehir with the rains and frost events in winter before they enter the winter. Although Konya is a large working area, we started quality hot asphalt works in a second region in Seydişehir. Good luck to our Seydişehir. By Allah's leave, we will renew all the bad roads in Seydişehir. We have completed the infrastructure works of Uludağ Street. If Allah permits, we will start and finish the hot asphalt and pavement works of Uludağ Street in a short time before the season ends, if the weather conditions allow. Our project that we gave to the ministry for Uludağ Street was accepted. We provide the expenses of the street from this project. Our government, Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Seydişehir Municipality will join forces and continue to serve our Seydişehir.

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