Aladağ Ski Center will bring color to Konyaya

Aladağ Ski Center will bring color to Konya: Konya Governor Muammer Erol visited the district of Derbent and made observations in Aladağ.

During his visit to the district, the governor Erol first spoke to the citizens in a coffee shop in the Market Square of Derbent district. Governor Erol, along with Derbent District Governor Arif Oltulu and Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, accompanied him and made examinations on the slopes of Aladağ within the borders of Derbent district, which is preparing to become a ski center in Konya.

Governor Erol toured the 1st stage track area to be built within the scope of the ski center project in Aladağ. District Governor Oltulu and Mayor Acar gave information to Erol on the latest status of the works, including the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, and showed the areas where the facilities will be built. Governor Erol said that he believes that the ski center where he expressed positive opinions will bring color to Konya.

Governor Erol, about 2 hours after the visit to the town of Derbent left.



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