International Praise Highway Security Seminar was held

Uluslarlarara of Praise Road Safety Seminar: Turkey must fulfill its workplace health safety directive if it wants to join the EU "
Carrying out social responsibility projects with MAPFRE GENERAL INSURANCE cooperation in Turkey FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE (MAPFRE Foundation), ETSC each year in various European countries - Europe carried out in conjunction with Secure Transportation Council "International Praise Road Safety Seminar" was held this year for the first time in Istanbul .
MAPFRE, one of the Foundation's activities in 5 institute "Path Institute for Safety" by Europe and Turkey's leading road safety experts and business representatives and bringing together academics today Istanbul Hilton Hotel, held in Turkey "Look at the Road Transport Road Safety Aktarıl In this seminar, steps taken with good examples and practices have been passed.
Indirect Additive to Road Safety Cooperation
At the seminar, which started with the opening speech of General Manager of MAPFRE Serdar Gül, Gül pointed out that the FUNDACI“N MAPFRE - MAPFRE Foundation, based in Spain, has an indirect contribution to the international Road Safety Cooperation with the İspanya International PRAISE Seminar İspanya every year.
After Gul's speech, the President of the MAPFRE Foundation Road Safety Institute, Jesus Monclus, also delivered a speech. Then the first session was passed.
In the first session titled ”Road Safety in the European Union“;
Jesus Monclus, Head of the MAPFRE Foundation Road Safety Institute, was named the number one of the most important authority for safe transport in Europe, Europe Safe Transport Council - ETSC President Antonio Avenoso and Research Director Will Murray, Interactive Driving Systems.
Avenoso, who made the first speech, said that the European Union has a road safety related target and in the 2001 50 said that as a result of thousands of traffic accidents, the deaths of 2013 were reduced by 26 bin 25. Avenso stressed that they want to reduce this figure to 2020 by 50 as 50, while the XNUMX of Europe's traffic accident victims are people who do not drive but use vehicles in business environment.
Will Murray, Director of Research at Interactive Driving Systems, later mentioned that the greatest risk for everyone in everyday life is road use. Murray, referring to the criteria of EU legislation and, "If Turkey wants to join the EU must fulfill the directives of workplace health and safety," he said. This is for the EU
Murray highlighted the importance of governments to identify risk factors and prepare guidelines. Leyen The green light doesn't mean late, as thought, Murr says Murray. A warning light that shows you when to turn off green light. This needs to be learned and taught. This is very important, especially the workplace employees should have a policy on how to behave when going to and from work. Şu
In the second session of the seminar "Road Safety Awareness in Turkey" EMBARQ - Center for Sustainable Transport - was addressed by representatives of BP and institutions in Turkey director Arzu Tabby moderated. The speakers explained the case studies and results they have done so far.
Closing the speech of the seminar MAPFRE General HR Director Necla Aksoy, as foundations and institutions that they care about these and similar projects, and that they will continue, this is the need for sustainability, he said.
ended with a closing speech.

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