32 curves will find a solution in 400 million pounds

32 bends 400 million pounds to find the solution: Van-Başkale highway on the road and 45 a challenging climb of the days that require a challenging Fall, 400 million pounds to be converted into a more comfortable and safe way of investment.
The project, which is vital in border trade with Iran and will be implemented on the road at the crossing point of vehicles going to Esendere Border Gate, was prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.
Two 80-kilometer-long double-lane tunnels will be built on the Güzeldere Pass, which is located on the 2th kilometer of the Van-Başkale highway, with its sharp and difficult bends, which causes many fatal traffic accidents especially in the winter season.
With the completion of the project, which will allow drivers to travel more safely, the 45 lasting climbing of big vehicles will be reduced to 5 minutes.
Upon completion of the project, the 22 kilometer climbing journey will be replaced by a straight tunnel of 3 kilometers.
Highways 11. Regional Director Ahmet Turan Gülhaş, AA correspondent, said the tunnel works initiated rapidly, he said.
Gülhaş stated that within the scope of the road works that will start from the borders of the Hoşap neighborhood of Gürpınar and continue to the Hakkari border of Başkale district, a 3 kilometer distance will be built, including a 55-kilometer tunnel.
Giving this information to the 400 million pounds will be spent for this investment, the goals of the project to implement the 4 within the year, he said.
Gülhaş stated that the project is very important for the region and that the citizens will travel more comfortably, the travel times will be shortened and the fuel and other expenses in the vehicles will be reduced by half.
Explaining that they carry out separate works in many parts of the city as well as the Güzeldere Passage, Gülhaş added that significant investments have been made in the region and the road standards are now at a very high level.

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