IETT High Capacity 2020 Metrobus Tool Will Get In 50

iett to buy high capacity metrobus vehicle
iett to buy high capacity metrobus vehicle

IMM Council approved the 2 Year Budget of the General Directorate of IETT of 980 billion 2020 million TL. IETT General Manager Hamdi Alper Kolukısa said that they will buy high capacity 2020 metrobus vehicles in 50 and they will renew all metrobus vehicles in a few years.

İETT General Manager Hamdi Alper Kolukısa, who presented İETT's 2020 Year Investment and Budget and 2020 Performance Program to the IMM Assembly, has also made the best effort to supervise and coordinate İETT's public transportation said he was trying to do.

Kolukısa stated that they aim to make public transportation more attractive and facilitate city life with quality service, İETT's 811 line, 13 bin 141 stop, low-floor, suitable for disabled access 3 bin 70 bus said.


52 kilometers, 44 stations 601 day on the Metrobus line 7 vehicle voicing that they serve the day Kolukısa, 24 thousand 7 thousand times per day by carrying 200 million passengers pointed out that they carry. Kolukısa said, iz We will purchase the bellows bus that will provide 1 capacity increase for the Metrobus line. At 30, we will buy 2020 new metrobus vehicles. ”


Hamdi Alper Kolukısa explained that the 2020 expense budget of IETT is 2 billion 980 million TL, and the income budget is 2 billion 930 million TL. expressed their targets.

Stressing that they are planning the 2020 budget in line with the 7 strategic goal, Kolukısa underlined that their first goal is to strengthen the financial structure and develop new resources. Kolukısa stated that they want to achieve full integration in transportation by establishing an integrated public transportation management system.

“We will now promote safe driving with the black box system on the 895 IETT bus with 48 raw data, 34 alarm system. We will make it easier to identify preventive maintenance requirements. At the same time, by creating a car-driver-operator report card, we will increase the service level. With the Customer Contact Center, we perform passenger application management, social media accounts management and tracking of found goods. In 2019, the number of travels increased by 8 percent, while 5 by reference decreased by percent. ”

Kolukısa pointed out that the number of flights of IETT, meeting the demands of the line, increasing the customer satisfaction rate and saving the personnel expenses, “There was a decrease in the costs and the losses of the flights. With this model, 8 customer satisfaction has increased. In addition, the 1794 month-long maintenance tender for the 12 vehicle in our IETT fleet will start as of January of 2020 ”.

Kolukısa stated that they have started to implement the Transportation Academy project by gathering the training units under one roof and continued as follows:

“As of today, we have 10 quality management certificates registered by independent institutions. With the Accident Analysis System, we will continue to take preventive measures to prevent possible accidents by examining all the factors causing the accident with root cause analysis. After the training processes, female drivers will also serve on IETT buses. Our IMM President for his vision and support for IETT Ekrem İmamoğluI would like to thank you and all our IMM Assembly members.”

After the speeches made on behalf of party groups and individuals, IETT's 2020 Year Budget was approved by unanimous vote by 235 acceptance vote.

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